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 On offer - A rare Pink Floyd LP from Taiwan : Obscured by clouds - MJ HITS- 7017
            A REAL BEAUTY in this condition - hard to find  - comes with inserts ! 

                    Multiple wins will be combined – Postage fees :  PLEASE READ BELOW !!

I am required to specify shipping costs less than or equal to the max shipping costs in the USA,

             but buyers should be aware to pay shipping costs from the Netherlands .

              I will send you the total invoice incl. postage after auction has ended !


                  If Item is NOT sold – then a reasonable offer can be considered !                                     

                                 Taiwan – Republic  of china  calling !!!


                         I am selling part of my enormous Taiwan/ ROC collection

 Have been collecting since the mid 70’s , and did visit the country more then several times !



Taiwan ( formerly Formosa )released all formats of Vinyl, Tapes, CD’s and 78’s .

10 inches during the early sixties , EP’s & singles without P/S , and 78’s on a 33 speed !!

During the 60’s several small companies emerged, pressing records in all the rainbow colors

for the mainly American army stationed there.

Records were all pressed in tiny quantities, and if not sold , to be recycled .

The covers were used again – sometimes inside out , as you will still find with various albums.

During the early 80’s some big companies like EMI  moved in to press vinyl too,

but demand was small after the soldiers left ( with their records )

Records ( LP’s )were pressed in 3 grades – They call it A, B and C grade : Hard covers /

thin covers  and the flimsy covers ( coated in plastic )

Many records / various other formats were pressed with unique covers and compilations.

The locals were not into western music , and that’s the reason one can hardly find them

(in good condition ) nowadays – and if they had them, thrown away long ago !

Consider an item in ex condition a RARITY !  Many were destroyed over the years.


                         Postage Fees :  Buyer pays for postage fees Registered mail :

                          Netherlands : Up to 5 KG = Euro 7,00

                          Europe:  0- 500 grams = Euro 7,70  ( 1 LP  or 6 to 7 singles )

                          Europe:  500 grams – 2 KG = Euro 12,32 ( Maximum  5 LP’s )

                          World : 0 – 500 grams = Euro 10,45 ( Maximum 2 LP’s )

                          World : 500 grams – 2 KG = Euro 21,85 ( maximum 5 LP’s )

       I will NOT be held responsible for lost or damaged items sent by registered mail !

                                                      No handling charges !!!

                             I do shipment worldwide from the Netherlands.

                      Payment : PAYPAL or Bank transfer within the Netherlands.

                                   All my items are professionally packed !

                                    I combine shipment on multiple items.


Grab your chance on these rarities – THEY MIGHT NEVER APPEAR IN THIS CONDITION AGAIN !

                                                       Happy bidding.


                            PS. Make sure you add me to your favorites list !!!!!

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