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Artist Release Name Cat.No. Label Format Year Country
VariousWarning Vinyl Fanzine  WARNING 001Warning Records (3)7", Limited Edition, Compilation2007US
Der PlanGeri Reig  Warning 003Warning Records (6)LP, Album1980Germany
NiklassSo Much Pain  WARNING 01Warning (France)12"France
Tommy VacekOut Of Control  WARNING 02Warning (France)12"2003France
Warning (2)Warning  6435 156VertigoLP, Album1982Germany
Dub WarDub Warning  WOWLP37Words Of Warning12", Mini-Album, 33 ⅓ RPM1994UK
The Observers (2)So What's Left Now  Warning No. 8Vinyl WarningLP2004US
Final Warning (3)Mankind? / Final Warning  noneTribal War Records7", 45 RPM2000US
No WarningNo Warning  MR-01Martyr Records7", EP2001US
The DiskordsBlame It On The Kids  Warning no.7Vinyl WarningLP, Album2003US
Warning (5)Warning  2480 602PolydorLP, Album1981France
Warning (5)Warning  2393 325PolydorLP, Album1982France
Final Warning (2)Final Warning  BLACK WATER - 011Black Water7", 45 RPM, EP, Reissue2008US
The Flip-TopsSecrets And Lies  Warning No. 4Vinyl Warning7"2002US
Fair Warning (3)Fair Warning  5236MCA RecordsLP, Album1981US
Last Warning... Watch The Earth Die / Last Warning  001Red Storm Rising Records7"1997Sweden
VariousAnatomy Of A...  Warning no. 6Vinyl Warning7", EP, Repress2002US
Absolute RulersLive The Dream  Warning No. 10Vinyl Warning7", Single, Limited Edition2006US
The TriggersGasoline  Warning no.3Vinyl Warning7", 45 RPM2002US
The DiskordsHeart Full Of Napalm  WARNING no. 1Vinyl Warning7", EP2002US
The Electric EyeMuscle  Warning no. 2Vinyl Warning7", 45 RPM2002US
The Observers (2)So What's Left Now  WARNING no. 8Vinyl WarningLP, Album2004US
The DiskordsHeart Full Of Napalm  WARNING - 1Vinyl Warning7", EP2002US
Take WarningTake Warning  PAIN 0.39Purepainsugar7", 45 RPM2012France
Der PlanGeri Reig  Warning 003Warning Records (6)LP, Album, Repress1980Germany
Warning (2)Warning  24 80 677PolydorLP, Album1982Spain
No WarningNo Warning  MR-01Martyr Records7", EP, Limited Edition2001US
Warning (5)Warning  28MM 0306PolydorLP, Album1982Japan
Carry The CasketHeres Your Warning #1  HYW #1Here's Your Warning7"2005US
Carry The CasketHeres Your Warning #1  HYW #1Here's Your Warning7"2005US
VariousAnatomy Of A...  Warning no. 6Vinyl Warning7", EP, Compilation2002US
Take WarningTake Warning  PAIN 0.39Purepainsugar7", 45 RPM2012France
Fair Warning (2)Fair Warning  9031-77042-1WEALP, Album1992Germany
Warning (5)Warning  2056 916Polydor7"1981France
Storm Warning (2)Storm Warning  HMPR-0001Heavy Metal Partizans Records7", NumberedUS
No WarningNo Warning  MR-01Martyr Records7", EP, Limited Edition2001US
Warning (2)Warning  6435 156VertigoLP, Album1982Germany
No WarningNo Warning  MR-01Martyr Records7", EP2001US
No WarningNo Warning  MR-01Martyr Records7", EP, Repress2001US
No WarningNo Warning  MR-01Martyr Records7", EP, Repress2001US
Warning (5)Warning  2057 012Polydor7", Single1982France
Lost WarningLost Warning  SOTS 158Spirit Of The Streets Records7", EP, Limited Edition2015Germany
Lost WarningLost Warning  SOTS 158Spirit Of The Streets Records7", EP, Limited Edition2015Germany
Lost WarningLost Warning  SOTS 158Spirit Of The Streets Records7", EP, Limited Edition2015Germany
The Flip-TopsSecrets And Lies  Warning No. 4Vinyl Warning7"2002US
Warning (2)Warning  6435 156VertigoLP, Album1982Italy
Storm Warning (5)A Little Help From Home  JRC 940Storm Warning RecordsLP, Album1979US
Warning//WarningMy World EP  kick rock 06Kick Rock7", EP, 45 RPM, Limited Edition2010France
Max RomeoWarning Warning!  005Jam SoundsLP1977Jamaica
Warning//WarningThere's Nothing Left  carnage 016Flower Of CarnageLP, 45 RPM2011France
Warning//WarningThere's Nothing Left  carnage 016Flower Of Carnage12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition2011
Max RomeoWarning, Warning / Heads A Go Roll  BW015Black World7", 45 RPM1975Jamaica
Escalator HatersWarning! Warning!  Lane 15Sprinter Records7", EP, Limited Edition2007Switzerland
Max RomeoWarning Warning!  BWLS 005Surface (2)LP1977Canada
New LeafWarning,Take Warning / Roots Rock Reggae  Leaf 101In Time Music (3)7", 45 RPM1980UK
Codename JohnThe Warning  MET H 030Metalheadz12", 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM1997UK
Kelli HandGlobal Warning  WAP 55Warp Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1994UK
KayestoneThe Warning (The Binary Finary Mixes)  NOTUS 002Notus12"2000Netherlands
trance[]controlHealth Warning  FLA009Flash Traxx12"2000US
KrakenFinal Warning / Connections  UDFR004Underfire12", 33 ⅓ RPM1997UK
G-PalWarning  OVM136Ovum Recordings12"2001US
InglerWarning: Only 220V For My Computer  pth 002Epiteth Rec.12", 33 ⅓ RPM1994France
WeirdoFair Warning / Get On The Floor  RIB 035Tinrib Recordings12", 45 RPM2000UK
WeirdoVinyl Warning / Am I Getting Thru?  RIB 043Tinrib Recordings12"2000UK
Teenage WarningIf The Kids Are United (Remixes)  FORZE 23Forze Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM2000Netherlands
Teenage WarningIf The Kids Are United  FORZE 018Forze Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1998Netherlands
Teenage WarningBrohymn (This One's For You!)  Forze 13Forze Records12", 45 RPM1997Netherlands
Teenage WarningBrohymn (This One's For You!)  TRAX 9706Traxtorm Records12"1997Italy
4-TreeWarning (Remixes)  PB002RPhilly Blunt Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM1995UK
Eclipse (18)The Warning  NU NRG 006Nu Energy12"1999UK
LogicThe Warning / The Final Frontier  SR 1207Strictly Rhythm12", 33 ⅓ RPM1990US
100% AcidiferousAlarm / Warning  103%100% Acidiferous7", White Label, Limited Edition1993Germany
Yum Yum3 Minute Warning (The Remixes)  SPERM009Sperm Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1996UK
LocutusFair Warning  KSQ018Konsequent12"2001Germany
Alter NativeThe Warning  blue019Blue Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1997Netherlands
Kult Of Krameria"Twins" Plastik For Turntables - Tomo V  WAR EP 18Warning Inc.12", 33 ⅓ RPM1996Portugal
WeathermenHurricane Warning / Thunderflash  BOSC 21Boscaland Recordings12", 45 RPM1996UK
Danny ShayThe Warning  RW005Red Weed12"1996UK
Marco BaileyGlobal Warning  BR LP 97002Bonzai RecordsLP1997Belgium
Ki-RealThe Warning  BIONIC 04Bionic Recordings12"2002Netherlands
Noise FactoryWe Have It / Warning  IR012Ibiza Records12", 45 RPM1992UK
Der PlanDa Vorne Steht Ne Ampel b/w Rot-Grün-Tot  wr 005Warning Records (6)7", 45 RPM, Single, Limited Edition1980Germany
Holger HillerUntitled  wr 004Warning Records (6)7", 45 RPM1980Germany
SouxsoulI'm Warning You  PM 011Purple Music12"2001Switzerland
LogicThe Warning  INT 125.784Blow Up12"1990Germany
AdevaWarning!  COOLX 185Cooltempo12", 45 RPM1989UK
BrixtonWarning  HOLZ 60Holzplatten12"2002Germany
Yum Yum3 Minute Warning  SPERM 006Sperm Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1994UK
DJ PulseStay Calm / Warning  CW 1003Creative Wax12", 45 RPM1994UK
FreestylersWarning  FNT14Freskanova12", Single1998UK
LogicThe Warning  PPAC1TPlanet Pacific12", 45 RPM1990UK
FreestylersWarning  FNT14Freskanova12", Single1998UK
SquareSquare Dream  WAR EP 15Warning Inc.12"1996Portugal
WarningU Knock Me / Túbale  AER 5409Angel Eyes Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1993US
TerminalheadGlobal Warning  PUSH001PuSH Recordings12"1996UK
WarningTubale (Extasy)  AER 5411Angel Eyes Records12"1993US
Various100% Hardcore Warning! Compilation Vol.2  DB TMX 026D-Boy Black LabelLP, Compilation1996Italy
BadawiFinal Warning  ASP 0117Asphodel12"1998US
DillinjaThis Is A Warning / Super DJ  VLV008Valve Recordings12", 45 RPM2003UK
Potential Bad BoyWarning (Remixes) / You Know Here  IRO-40Ibiza Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1994UK
E.H.R.Warning  SP 95002Soap Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1995Germany
Dennis DeSantisWarning Fatigue  k2o30K2 O Records12"2003Germany
Quiet Killaz4000AD : 01 Warning / Critical Level  DP95/1Distinct'ive Breaks12", 45 RPM2002UK
Andy FarleyThe Warning / Aspiration  AMOK 011Mohawk Records12"2000UK
Rom & ComixThe Warning  Proceed 003Pro-ceed12"1999Germany
4-TreeWarning  PB002Philly Blunt Records12", 45 RPM1994UK
Jon DeleriousNo Warning  NT030Nordic Trax12"2003Canada
Baby MammothTolstoy / Hoodwinked / Herbal Warning / Slipping Jigsaws  PORK 043Pork Recordings12"1997UK
VSWarning.BD / Targa  RM 023Records Mania12", 45 RPM2001France
DreadzoneThe Warning  CRE 160TCreation Records12"1993UK
BattlecatsWarning  SHIVA 001Shiva Sounds12"2002Germany
T-FunkThe Warning  ZAZ-002Zazoo Recordings12", 33 ⅓ RPM1998UK
Kult Of KrameriaWar Remixes  WAR EP 14Warning Inc.12", 33 ⅓ RPM1997Portugal
Alex FxClever Box  WAR EP 26Warning Inc.12"1998Portugal
AdevaWarning!  V-15544Capitol Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Maxi-Single1989US
Various100% Hardcore Warning - The Summer Edition  DB 069D-Boy Black Label12", Compilation, 33 ⅓ RPM1998Italy
Warning (2)Why Can The Bodies Fly  6400 585Vertigo12", Maxi-Single, 45 RPM1982Germany
Subzero (3)Tsunami Warning  SC003Synchronicity Music12"1997Germany
AdevaWarning! (Re-Mix)  COOLXR 185Cooltempo12", 45 RPM1989UK
Neuro-DOceania  WAR EP 05Warning Inc.12"1995Portugal
Champion Sound (2)Warning  SFH 005SFH12", 45 RPM, Single Sided, White Label1999Netherlands
Gayle AdamsI'm Warning You  12 BRW 164th & Broadway12", 45 RPM1984UK
Raw ManWarning  WW 001Not On Label12", Single Sided2003France
AdevaWarning  612 470Chrysalis12", 45 RPM, Maxi-Single1989Europe
DJ RipThe Warning E.P.  UC 299Underground Construction12", EP1998US
Warning (2)Why Can The Bodies Fly  870 310-1Fontana12", Maxi-Single, 45 RPM, Reissue1988Europe
Potential Bad BoyThe Warning Remix / Got The Flavor  THE 006Third Eye Records (3)12"1996UK
LogicThe Warning  145.736-5BITE Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1990Netherlands
M-ZoneXTC 2001  WARN 003Warning12"2001UK
Hunting LodgeTribal Warning Shot  NORMAL 22Normal12", 45 RPM1985Germany
Undercover MovementWarning  STUR 35Strictly Underground Records12"1994UK
Jon DeleriousNo Warning  NT032LPNordic TraxLP2004Canada
Inquisitor (2)Astrodome  WA 5Warning Records12"1995Belgium
Martyn HareThis Is A Warning  HOLZPLATTEN 070Holzplatten12"2004Germany
XLSDestruction  WARN 004Warning12"2002UK
Forward SoundThe Warning / Look Out  SMR 20Second Movement Recordings12", 33 ⅓ RPM1996UK
DJ FalloutStorm Warning  RT010Rough Tone Recordings12", 33 ⅓ RPM1994UK
A.K.A.Warning  milkky1Milkk12", Promo, 45 RPM2000UK
Ren & StimpyTheme From The Green Hornet (Health Warning!)  FCOM 004Fire Traxx12"2001UK
Electron Storm & DJ SlamOpen Your Mind / Warning  TEK 011Nu-Tek Records12", 45 RPM2004Italy
Q-Factor (3)EP  WAR EP 25Warning Inc.12", EP1997Portugal
Never MindWarning  HT.2001Hot Town12", Maxi-Single1992Belgium
Helen Taylor (2)Diverse City / Hal's Warning  IDM 05I.D.M.12", 45 RPM1996UK
Hunting LodgeTribal Warning Shot  SM 04S/M Operations12"1985US
Fact Or FictionWarning (Feel The Rhythm)  INT-001Intense Records (2)12"1994Canada
Rom & ComixThe Warning  CUE 001Cuepoint Records12", Single Sided1999Germany
Absolut ZeroN-Effekt  WAR EP 16Warning Inc.12"1996Portugal
Digital Rust2nd Warning  KWS-002KWS Records12"2003US
Notorious B.I.G.Big Poppa / Who Shot Ya? / Warning  78612-79020-1Bad Boy Entertainment12", Reissue2003US
The Breaker'sBreak On Eggs  106501Warning Records (7)7", 45 RPM1984France
Spirits (2)The Zone  WA 4Warning Records12"1995Belgium
Out Of Band ExperienceWarning: Danger / Succubus (Re-mix)  #2Immortal Records (2)7"1994US
ClaxonThe Warning  FLO 1586 6Floorwax12"1995Netherlands
M-ZoneThe Real Ruffnecks  WARN 001Warning12"2000UK
Metronome (9)Warning  12 SER T 1Serious12", 45 RPM1993UK
Various100% Hardcore Warning! Compilation  DB 014 DMXD-Boy Black LabelLP, Compilation1995Italy
D-Project (3)The Warning  71-307Bit Music12", 33 ⅓ RPM1998Spain
DJ MouseGreen Dream / Warning  CHAMAN006Chaman Records12"2004Spain
Byron LewisFire / The Warning  BLOO 3II Exodus12", 33 ⅓ RPM1992UK
00AgentsWarning Shot / Only U  CCR-002ConfidentChill Records12"2003US
Angelic UpstartsTeenage Warning  K 56717Warner Bros. RecordsLP, Album1979UK
VariousTechno Warning Sample Vol.1  DOG01-08-03Doggy Records12", Sampler2003France
The Breaker'sIt Takes Some Doing  106 507Warning Records (7)7", 45 RPM1984France
LogicThe Warning  PPAC1Planet Pacific7"1990UK
106 ProjectWarning 106  106 T003106 Records12", 45 RPM1991UK
VariousNumber Of The Beast / The Warning  PRP012Passion Records Presents12", White Label2005UK
Potential Bad BoySay Goodbye / Warning  3L 002Three Lions Recordings12", Test Pressing, White Label, 33 ⅓ RPM2002UK
One By OneOne By One  WOWLP20Words Of WarningLP, Album1992UK
Teenage WarningIf The Kids Are United (Remixes)  71-699Hardcore Come Back12"2001Spain
Phd (3)Without Warning  TUF LP 0573Tuff CityLP, Album1991US
Kult Of KrameriaDuo  WAR EP 21Warning Inc.12", EP1999Portugal
Notorious B.I.G.Warning  78612-79301-1Bad Boy Entertainment12"1999US
Francky BrownWarning EP  JT 02Jungle Test12", EP2003France
The BanditsThe Warning Dub  PROMO 1Centro Del Blanco12"2002UK
Nick HeywardWarning Sign  601 632Arista12", Maxi-Single, 45 RPM1984Europe
Dance DesignersThe Warning  BB 022Beat Box (4)12"1991Belgium
GunshotTwilight's Last Gleaming  WOWLP51Words Of WarningLP1997UK
Teenage WarningIf Da Kids Are United  71-611Hardcore Come Back12", 33 ⅓ RPM2000Spain
AdevaWarning  COOLXW 185Cooltempo12", Promo1989UK
Steve OrtonRugged / Without Warning  PR018Passion Records (5)12"2005UK
Cru MembaHooligan Warning / Insekt (Pest Control Mix)  3DMODE0083D Mode12"2005UK
Oi PolloiIn Defence Of Our Earth  WOWLP10Words Of WarningLP, Album1990UK
AdevaWarning!  112 470Chrysalis7", Single, 45 RPM1989Europe
Oi PolloiOmnicide....  WOW17Words Of Warning7", EP1991UK
Resist (2)The Solution... ...Revolution!  WOWLP18Words Of WarningLP, Album1991UK
M-ZoneThe Boss  WARN 002Warning12"2001UK
Eddie MaduroThe Warning  BL 008Bolshevik12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Promo2005US
Money Boss PlayersWalk With The Limp  BX333Warning! Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1996US
Ruff StuffWarning / Digital Break Down  DROP 0564-6Dropout12"2005Germany
The StudsWarning! High Voltage  Bite 003Vögelspin Records7", EP1981Netherlands
GunshotGhetto Heartbeat / Suspense  WOWTV49Words Of Warning12", 33 ⅓ RPM1997UK
Icebreaker (9)Distant Early Warning  AST09LPAestheticsLP, Album1999US
Elementz Of NoizeWarning (Sign Bomb) / Temper  BR-001Bassrush Records12"1995US
HijackerKolab / Warning  AUT 03Autoi12"1997UK
Thievery CorporationWarning Shots  ESL 084Eighteenth Street Lounge Music12", 45 RPM2005US
Formula 1 (2)The Warning  PUNK 9005Punk Funk Records12"2005UK
DischargeWarning: Her Majesty's Government Can Seriously Damage Your Health  PLATE 5Clay Records12", EP, 45 RPM1983UK
Kult Of KrameriaK.K. Regroovable - Tomo II  WAR 06 EPWarning Inc.12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM1995Portugal
Pieces & HerbThe Warning  PLG TR001JetSet12"2000Belgium
Van HalenFair Warning  WB 56 899Warner Bros. RecordsLP, Album1981Germany

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