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Artist Release Name Cat.No. Label Format Year Country
John ColtraneDuke Ellington And John Coltrane  EP AS-30Impulse!7", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM, Stereo1963US
John ColtraneJohn Coltrane  SdMJ-005Fratelli Fabbri Editori7", 45 RPM, EP1969Italy
John ColtraneArt Blakey - Donald Byrd - John Coltrane  PRC. 199President Hifi Records7", 45 RPM, EPFrance
John ColtraneJohn Coltrane At Birdland  EPRL 1532Roulette7", 45 RPM, EPNetherlands
John ColtraneColtrane Jazz  ATL-EP 80.058Atlantic7", 45 RPM, EP, Mono1961Sweden
John ColtraneColtrane  MEP 403Metronome7", EP1958Scandinavia
John ColtraneColtrane  EPIM 5548Impulse!7", EP1962Netherlands
The John Coltrane QuartetColtrane Conceptions  EPIM 5544Impulse!7", EPNetherlands
John ColtraneConcentrated Coltrane  MEP 9037Metronome7", 45 RPM, EP Sweden
John ColtraneColtrane Jazz  ATL-EP 80.058Atlantic7", SingleSweden
The John Coltrane QuartetBallads  EP AS-32Impulse!7", 33 ⅓ RPM, Stereo, EP1962US
John ColtraneGiant Steps  ATL-EP 80.020Atlantic7", EP, Mono1960Sweden
The John Coltrane QuartetThe Soul Of Trane  EP 229Esquire7", 45 RPM, EP1959UK
The John Coltrane QuartetTrane Blows  EP239Esquire7", 45 RPM, EPUK
John ColtraneSoultrane  MEP 464Metronome7", 45 RPM, EP1958Sweden
John ColtranePoll Winners Jazz  TFE.17359FontanaEP, 45 RPM, 7"1958UK
John ColtraneImpressions  EPIM 5559Impulse!7", EPNetherlands
John ColtranePoll Winners Jazz  467 217 TEFontana7", EP, 45 RPM1958Netherlands
John ColtranePoll Winners Jazz  467 218 TEFontana7", EP, 45 RPMNetherlands
John ColtraneRuby, My Dear - Monk And Trane  REP 3217Riverside Records7", 45 RPM, EP, Mono1961Netherlands
John ColtraneJazz Masters  MU 3008Musidisc-Europe7", 45 RPM, EPFrance
John ColtraneNutty - Monk And Trane  REP 3214Riverside Records7", 45 RPM, EP, Mono1961France
John ColtraneThere Are Such Things  469 200 TEPoll Winners Jazz7", 45 RPM, EPNetherlands
John ColtraneLush Life  MEP 9067Metronome7", EP, PromoSweden
John ColtraneMonk Y Trane  REP 3214Riverside Records7", EP, Mono1964Spain
John ColtraneNutty - Monk And Trane  REP 3214Riverside Records7", 45 RPM, EP, Mono1961Netherlands
John ColtranePoll Winners Jazz  467 219 TEFontana7", 45 RPM, EPFrance
John ColtraneBags & Trane  80.063Atlantic7", 45 RPM, EPSweden
John ColtraneLush Life  MEP 9067Metronome7", EPScandinavia
John ColtranePoll Winners Jazz  467 219 TEFontanaEP, 45 RPM, 7"Netherlands
The John Coltrane QuartetYou Say You Care / Russian Lullaby  74054Barclay7", 45 RPM, EP1959France
The John Coltrane QuartetThe Birdland Story  REP 1037Roulette7", 45 RPM, EP1962Sweden
The Red Garland TrioJohn Coltrane With The Red Garland Trio  MEP 417Metronome7", EP, Mono1958Sweden
John ColtraneGiant Steps  232016 SAtlantic7", 45 RPM, EPFrance
John ColtraneGiant Steps  SMJ-21Atlantic7", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, StereoJapan

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