The Stranglers Rattus Norvegicus Trident Studio 2 sided Acetate LP
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The Stranglers Rattus Norvegicus Trident Studio 2 sided Acetate Ultra Rare LP

Dwarfing all others, this is surely the king of collectable Stranglers records.

This acetate is so rare that there are apparently just three in existence, with only this and one other having the original orange sleeve. None have ever been listed for auction before and (after recently speaking with the owner of the other copy with an orange sleeve) I do not imagine he will sell. So this is probably your once-in-a-lifetime chance to own one.

Please check the photos carefully because the cover does have a small white mark (which looks like a sellotape rip) but is otherwise in near pristine condition for its age.

The fifth photo is of my garage (the ceiling is now complete with pics/posters). This pic is to illustrate the six record cases at the back (stuffed to capacity with just Stranglers items), and the loving care with which this record was stored. Note that nothing from this fifth photo is included in this auction!

“DEAD ON ARRIVAL”? – This Acetate is NOT called “Rattus Norvegicus”

Check Wiki regards some pertinent dates relating to Rattus Norvegicus:

The recording was made between 20December 1976 and 28 January 1977, with this Acetate created in February 1977. The album was originally to be entitled “Dead on Arrival” but was changed at the last minute. The eventual release date of Rattus Norvegicus was 15 April 1977.

In other words, this acetate was made BEFORE the title Rattus Norvegicus was agreed by the band. As such the words “Rattus Norvegicus” do not appear anywhere on the label or cover.

Historically Rattus Norvegicus was the first New Wave / Punk record to eventually achieve gold sales, yet this acetate had yet to be named. It is the most embryonic form of a true masterpiece.


Track Listing

Having heard rumour that this acetate may contain different mixes (or track order) to the eventual album, I played just four tracks for the first time. There are no scratches, though obviously there is some minor crackling given that this is a 40-year-old acetate.

The tracks I checked were Sometimes (being my favourite), then the three most likely candidates for any mix changes; all are exactly as per the regular Rattus release. i.e., no “hand clapping” in the chorus of Hanging Around, sax is present in Grip and all the noises you would expect from Sewer - culminating in the regular “Jet’s finest moment” Rats Rally, complete with rat & drain noises at the end.

So this acetate is exactly as per the eventual album release, generating all the goosebumps you would expect from playing its iconic sounds.


Safe Handover

If you desire a truly magnificent Stranglers record collection then this is the jewel in your crown. It is without doubt the rarest and most desirable of all Stranglers records.

I would be happy to post or courier this record, but it may be better to arrange a personal collection for three reasons. The primary reason is to guarantee a safe handover; no Stranglers fan would ever want to see this damaged in transit. The second is to eliminate the 3% Paypal fees & postage, which I would gladly discount for the buyer (or we could share the 3% discount and meet half way). And the third is that I feel genuinely honoured (and extremely lucky) to own this, so an element of personal selfishness wants to see the happy face of the new owner, whilst the buyer may also like to know who they are buying from.

For a personal hand-over, you can come down on a Monday - I live somewhere in the Midlands.

This is not about money for me (my company Responsiva is a very successful business), but the fact that this record has been stored in a box for years and I am starting to feel selfish by not giving other fans an opportunity to share the joy in owning it. Hence no silly start price or reserve.

Can someone start the bidding at just 99p?

May the best fan win!


p.s. sorry about the Toby jug in the pictures (alas, jug not included with this purchase!); just want the photo to carry additional verification of source.

PLEASE NOTE     (12 ultra-rare Stranglers records for sale)

This record is not for the casual fan, so please look elsewhere if you are not a passionate and dedicated collector of ultra-rare Stranglers records who plans to look after this item properly.

If you are a genuine collector, please check my 100% Ebay profile for assurance that every item is genuine. Also check my other items: a total of twelve ultra-rare Stranglers records are up for sale.

All photos are of the actual item being sold, so please check them carefully.

My Stranglers records are all stored in polythene sleeves within proper record storage boxes. All are in excellent condition for their age, and any flaws have been honestly reported.

COMBINED POSTAGE: I will only charge single item postage (no matter how many items you purchase), respecting the fact that these records will sell for a good price anyway. Or you can collect in person and be refunded the 3% Paypal fee.

In buying this record you (like myself) will be a serious Stranglers fan. So if you have any dissatisfaction after purchase then talk to me and we will resolve fairly for all. Worst case scenario; return the record by recorded delivery (buyer pays for return postage) and receive a full refund.

And if you are happy with the purchase (as I am sure you will be) then please let me know.



Despite their high value, the twelve Stranglers records I have listed all have a start price of 99p with no reserve. Be assured that I will not delist any items for a “Buy Now” offer (even if one is headed towards a 99p bargain sale), so every serious bidder will have a fair chance.

Ebay has more than 10,000 Worldwide Stranglers items for sale, yet it is rare that as many as a handful are worth looking at. Hoping watchers will enjoy having something interesting to follow for a change!

On 08-Oct-17 at 22:17:34 BST, seller added the following information:

*** CORRECTION *** 8/10/2017 ***

Before listing this acetate I had it under good authority that there were only three known copies in existence.
This evening it has come to light that there is one more known copy, owned by a dedicated Stranglers collector.
There was never any intent to mislead with this listing: hence this update.

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