The Beatles The Days In Their Life Radio Show LPs

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The Beatles  The Days In Their Life  Radio Show  LPs

The Beatles: The Days In Their Life

This auction is for thirty (30) 33 1/3 rpm vinyl records which contain the original radio show, The Days In Their Life, a 30-hour chronology tracing the lives of the four members of the rock band, The Beatles.

Here is the press release from TM Productions when the show was released in 1981:

"The Beatles: The Days In Their Life" is a 30-hour chronological study of the band that did more to change the scope of popular music than any other force of the 1960's.

During the first 24 hours of the special, every song ever recorded by The Beatles is played, including several numbers never released. Because the producers have gained access to the original EMI masters, some songs previously heard only in mono are now in stereo.

The final 6 hours of the show trace the direction each of The Beatles took after the band dis-banded in December 1970. All information is completely up-to-date as of the date of release in 1981.

"The Beatles: The Days In Their Life" includes hundreds of interviews with The Beatles themselves and their associates, many of which have never been heard.

While "The Beatles: The Days In Their Life" is 30 hours long and is designed to run as a blockbuster, the show may also be stripped into one-hour segments if so desired.

All 30 LPs are in excellent shape, with no scratches and no warping.  This particular show was aired once in 1981.  The song listing sheets are not included.  All of the albums are in the original record sleeves, with the original cardboard 'bookend' sleeves that the set was shipped with.

Each record has two airing segments on each side.  The only exception is that the 30th LP has 3 segments on the 1st side, and the 4th segment on the 2nd side.

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