The Beatles Please Please Me Test Pressing Demo Not for Sale Vinyl Acetates
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  The Beatles Please Please Me Test Pressing Demo Not for Sale Vinyl Acetates


The Beatles' Please Please Me album was a breath a fresh air in early 1963 and is generally considered to be the start of the 60's proper.
So important was this record, that just very recently on it's 50th anniversary, many of today's top musicians and pop stars went back to studio 2 in Abbey Road studios to try to recreate this very recording..

This Ladies and Gentlemen is the very first test pressing of side 1 AND side 2 of the Please Please Me Lp in mono.
I believe this to be the ONLY complete set in the world today. If anyone has another, please step forward.

It was more than 50 years ago that this was first made, even before the Mono or Stereo Golds as this is the very very very first pressing of the Please Please Me matrix XEX 421-1N and XEX 422-1N on two pieces of vinyl acetate.
This is history right here.

Both play fine and have a test tone on side 2 with LPFB 2 stamped on the back also.

Genuine and very very sort after. Has what appears to be a bit of wax which I never bothered to remove on the label on side 1, though I am sure you could get it done professionally.

A Hard days night test press went for £3500 a couple of years ago, Beatles for Sale just sold for over £5,000, just 3 months ago, and With the Beatles is currently on Tracks website for £7,500!

These go for serious money. Why?, because they are unique and there are usually only just one or two sets of each. Not like the 250 Love Me Do demo's, which now go for £12K+ each!.
This is the ONLY one of this left!. It doesn't get much rarer or earlier than that.
There is no Sleeve as the sleeve wasn't even made yet!!


Usual methods, but will accept time payments for some of the bigger things. Please ask.

Shipping by FedEx Insured, Tracked Intl Priority when available.

I accept returns for all things except where stated clearly. Thank you

I am and have always considered myself a Beatlefreak and collector. I am not a dealer, but have many treasures I've collected over the years that I have now decided to part with.


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