The Beatles In Mono Box Set limited heavyweight vinyl 14xLP + book in box
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  • The Beatles In Mono Box Set limited heavyweight vinyl 14xLP + book in box

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Please Please MeA1–The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing ThereComposed By – McCartney-Lennon*2:58A2–The BeatlesMiseryComposed By – McCartney-Lennon*1:53A3–The BeatlesAnna (Go To Him)Composed By – Alexander*3:00A4–The BeatlesChainsComposed By – Goffin-King*2:29A5–The BeatlesBoysComposed By – Dixon*, Farrell*2:29A6–The BeatlesAsk Me WhyComposed By – McCartney-Lennon*2:30A7–The BeatlesPlease Please MeComposed By – McCartney-Lennon*2:06B1–The BeatlesLove Me DoComposed By – McCartney-Lennon*2:24B2–The BeatlesP.S. I Love YouComposed By – McCartney-Lennon*2:08B3–The BeatlesBaby It's YouComposed By – Williams*, Bacharach*, David*2:42B4–The BeatlesDo You Want To Know A SecretComposed By – McCartney-Lennon*2:01B5–The BeatlesA Taste Of HoneyComposed By – Scott*, Marlow*2:06B6–The BeatlesThere's A PlaceComposed By – McCartney-Lennon*1:54B7–The BeatlesTwist And ShoutComposed By – Russell*, Medley*2:36With The BeatlesC1–The BeatlesIt Won't Be LongComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:16C2–The BeatlesAll I've Got To DoComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:06C3–The BeatlesAll My LovingComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:13C4–The BeatlesDon't Bother MeComposed By – Harrison*2:31C5–The BeatlesLittle ChildComposed By – Lennon-McCartney1:50C6–The BeatlesTill There Was YouComposed By – Willson*2:19C7–The BeatlesPlease Mister PostmanComposed By – Holland*, Freddie Gorman, Georgia Dobbins, Robert Bateman, William Garrett2:39D1–The BeatlesRoll Over BeethovenComposed By – Berry*2:49D2–The BeatlesHold Me TightComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:35D3–The BeatlesYou Really Got A Hold On MeComposed By – Robinson*3:04D4–The BeatlesI Wanna Be Your ManComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:01D5–The BeatlesDevil In Her HeartComposed By – Drapkin*2:30D6–The BeatlesNot A Second TimeComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:12D7–The BeatlesMoney (That's What I Want)Composed By – Gordy*, Bradford*2:49A Hard Day's NightE1–The BeatlesA Hard Day's NightWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:35E2–The BeatlesI Should Have Known BetterWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:47E3–The BeatlesIf I FellWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:24E4–The BeatlesI'm Happy Just To Dance With YouWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:00E5–The BeatlesAnd I Love HerWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:34E6–The BeatlesTell Me WhyWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:13E7–The BeatlesCan't Buy Me LoveWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:17F1–The BeatlesAny Time At AllWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:16F2–The BeatlesI'll Cry InsteadWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*1:50F3–The BeatlesThings We Said TodayWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:41F4–The BeatlesWhen I Get HomeWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:21F5–The BeatlesYou Can't Do ThatWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:39F6–The BeatlesI'll Be BackWords By, Music By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:23Beatles For SaleG1–The BeatlesNo ReplyComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:21G2–The BeatlesI'm A LoserComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:38G3–The BeatlesBaby's In BlackComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:12G4–The BeatlesRock And Roll MusicComposed By – Berry*2:38G5–The BeatlesI'll Follow The SunComposed By – Lennon-McCartney1:55G6–The BeatlesMr. MoonlightComposed By – Johnson*2:41G7–The BeatlesKansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!Composed By – Lieber-Stoller*Composed By [Uncredited] – Richard Penniman2:38H1–The BeatlesEight Days A WeekComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:50H2–The BeatlesWords Of LoveComposed By – Holly*2:19H3–The BeatlesHoney Don'tComposed By – Perkins*3:04H4–The BeatlesEvery Little ThingComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:08H5–The BeatlesI Don't Want To Spoil The PartyComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:40H6–The BeatlesWhat You're DoingComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:38H7–The BeatlesEverybody's Trying To Be My BabyComposed By – Perkins*2:27Help!I1–The BeatlesHelp!Composed By – Lennon-McCartney2:23I2–The BeatlesThe Night BeforeComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:37I3–The BeatlesYou've Got To Hide Your Love AwayComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:12I4–The BeatlesI Need YouComposed By – Harrison*2:33I5–The BeatlesAnother GirlComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:09I6–The BeatlesYou're Going To Lose That GirlComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:22I7–The BeatlesTicket To RideComposed By – Lennon-McCartney3:08J1–The BeatlesAct NaturallyComposed By – Russell*, Morrison*2:34J2–The BeatlesIt's Only LoveComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:00J3–The BeatlesYou Like Me Too MuchComposed By – Harrison*2:40J4–The BeatlesTell Me What You SeeComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:40J5–The BeatlesI've Just Seen A FaceComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:09J6–The BeatlesYesterdayComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:09J7–The BeatlesDizzy Miss LizzyComposed By – Williams*3:03Rubber SoulK1–The BeatlesDrive My CarComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:34K2–The BeatlesNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)Composed By – Lennon-McCartney2:09K3–The BeatlesYou Won't See MeComposed By – Lennon-McCartney3:30K4–The BeatlesNowhere ManComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:47K5–The BeatlesThink For YourselfComposed By – Harrison*2:22K6–The BeatlesThe WordComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:49K7–The BeatlesMichelleComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:40L1–The BeatlesWhat Goes OnComposed By – Lennon*, McCartney*, Starkey*2:52L2–The BeatlesGirlComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:34L3–The BeatlesI'm Looking Through YouComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:34L4–The BeatlesIn My LifeComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:30L5–The BeatlesWaitComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:18L6–The BeatlesIf I Needed SomeoneComposed By – Harrison*2:25L7–The BeatlesRun For Your LifeComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:31RevolverM1–The BeatlesTaxmanComposed By – Harrison*2:42M2–The BeatlesEleanor RigbyComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:09M3–The BeatlesI'm Only SleepingComposed By – Lennon-McCartney3:03M4–The BeatlesLove You ToComposed By – Harrison*3:08M5–The BeatlesHere, There And EverywhereComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:26M6–The BeatlesYellow SubmarineComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:42M7–The BeatlesShe Said She SaidComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:39N1–The BeatlesGood Day SunshineComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:12N2–The BeatlesAnd Your Bird Can SingComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:03N3–The BeatlesFor No OneComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:02N4–The BeatlesDr. RobertComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:17N5–The BeatlesI Want To Tell YouComposed By – Harrison*2:32N6–The BeatlesGot To Get You Into My LifeComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:39N7–The BeatlesTomorrow Never KnowsComposed By – John Lennon, Paul McCartney*2:58Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandO1–The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandComposed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*2:03O2–The BeatlesWith A Little Help From My FriendsComposed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*2:45O3–The BeatlesLucy In The Sky With DiamondsComposed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*3:28O4–The BeatlesGetting BetterComposed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*2:47O5–The BeatlesFixing A HoleComposed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*2:38O6–The BeatlesShe's Leaving HomeComposed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*3:26O7–The BeatlesBeing For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!Composed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*2:39P1–The BeatlesWithin You Without YouComposed By – George Harrison5:08P2–The BeatlesWhen I'm Sixty-FourComposed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*2:40P3–The BeatlesLovely RitaComposed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*2:46P4–The BeatlesGood Morning Good MorningComposed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*2:35P5–The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)Composed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*1:19P6–The BeatlesA Day In The LifeComposed By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*5:36Magical Mystery TourQ1–The BeatlesMagical Mystery TourComposed By – John Lennon-Paul McCartney*2:52Q2–The BeatlesThe Fool On The HillComposed By – John Lennon-Paul McCartney*3:00Q3–The BeatlesFlyingComposed By – Harrison*, Lennon*, McCartney*, Starr*2:17Q4–The BeatlesBlue Jay WayComposed By – George Harrison3:57Q5–The BeatlesYour Mother Should KnowComposed By – John Lennon-Paul McCartney*2:31Q6–The BeatlesI Am The WalrusComposed By – John Lennon-Paul McCartney*4:36R1–The BeatlesHello GoodbyeComposed By – John Lennon-Paul McCartney*3:31R2–The BeatlesStrawberry Fields ForeverComposed By – John Lennon-Paul McCartney*4:10R3–The BeatlesPenny LaneComposed By – John Lennon-Paul McCartney*3:04R4–The BeatlesBaby You're A Rich ManComposed By – John Lennon-Paul McCartney*3:09R5–The BeatlesAll You Need Is LoveComposed By – John Lennon-Paul McCartney*3:59The BeatlesS1–The BeatlesBack In The U.S.S.R.Composed By – Lennon-McCartney2:44S2–The BeatlesDear PrudenceComposed By – Lennon-McCartney3:54S3–The BeatlesGlass OnionComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:18S4–The BeatlesOb-La-Di, Ob-La-DaComposed By – Lennon-McCartney3:09S5–The BeatlesWild Honey PieComposed By – Lennon-McCartney0:54S6–The BeatlesThe Continuing Story Of Bungalow BillComposed By – Lennon-McCartney3:14S7–The BeatlesWhile My Guitar Gently WeepsComposed By – G. Harrison*4:48S8–The BeatlesHappiness Is A Warm GunComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:44T1–The BeatlesMartha, My DearComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:28T2–The BeatlesI'm So TiredComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:03T3–The BeatlesBlackbirdComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:19T4–The BeatlesPiggiesComposed By – G. Harrison*2:03T5–The BeatlesRocky RaccoonComposed By – Lennon-McCartney3:33T6–The BeatlesDon't Pass Me ByComposed By – R. Starkey*3:46T7–The BeatlesWhy Dont We Do It In The RoadComposed By – Lennon-McCartney1:42T8–The BeatlesI WillComposed By – Lennon-McCartney1:45T9–The BeatlesJuliaComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:54U1–The BeatlesBirthdayComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:43U2–The BeatlesYer BluesComposed By – Lennon-McCartney4:14U3–The BeatlesMother Nature's SonComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:46U4–The BeatlesEverybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My MonkeyComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:25U5–The BeatlesSexy SadieComposed By – Lennon-McCartney3:15U6–The BeatlesHelter SkelterComposed By – Lennon-McCartney3:39U7–The BeatlesLong, Long, LongComposed By – G. Harrison*3:05V1–The BeatlesRevolution 1Composed By – Lennon-McCartney4:16V2–The BeatlesHoney PieComposed By – Lennon-McCartney2:41V3–The BeatlesSavoy TruffleComposed By – G. Harrison*2:54V4–The BeatlesCry, Baby, CryComposed By – Lennon-McCartney3:02V5–The BeatlesRevolution 9Composed By – Lennon-McCartney8:32V6–The BeatlesGood NightComposed By – Lennon-McCartney3:13Mono MastersW1–The BeatlesLove Me Do (Original Single Version)Composed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:25W2–The BeatlesFrom Me To YouComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*1:57W3–The BeatlesThank You GirlComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:04W4–The BeatlesShe Loves YouComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:21W5–The BeatlesI'll Get YouComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:06W6–The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your HandComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:26W7–The BeatlesThis BoyComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:16X1–The BeatlesKomm, Gib Mir Deine HandComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:26X2–The BeatlesSie Liebt DichComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:19X3–The BeatlesLong Tall SallyComposed By – Enotris Johnson, Richard Penniman, Robert Blackwell2:03X4–The BeatlesI Call Your NameComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:11X5–The BeatlesSlow DownComposed By – Larry Williams (3)2:57X6–The BeatlesMatchboxComposed By – Carl Perkins1:59X7–The BeatlesI Feel FineComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:23X8–The BeatlesShe's A WomanComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*3:04Y1–The BeatlesBad BoyComposed By – Larry Williams (3)2:20Y2–The BeatlesYes It IsComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:42Y3–The BeatlesI'm DownComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:38Y4–The BeatlesDay TripperComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:52Y5–The BeatlesWe Can Work It OutComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:15Y6–The BeatlesPaperback WriterComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:26Y7–The BeatlesRainComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*3:01Z1–The BeatlesLady MadonnaComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:17Z2–The BeatlesThe Inner LightComposed By – George Harrison2:36Z3–The BeatlesHey JudeComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*7:20Z4–The BeatlesRevolutionComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*3:25Ä1–The BeatlesOnly A Northern SongComposed By – George Harrison3:26Ä2–The BeatlesAll Together NowComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*2:11Ä3–The BeatlesHey BulldogComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*3:14Ä4–The BeatlesIt's All Too MuchComposed By – George Harrison6:22Ö1–The Beatles With Billy PrestonGet BackComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*3:11Ö2–The Beatles With Billy PrestonDon't Let Me DownComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*3:33Ö3–The BeatlesAcross The UniverseComposed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*3:50Ö4–The BeatlesYou Know My Name (Look Up The Number)Composed By – John Lennon And Paul McCartney*4:24
The Mono Mixes from the original masters. 11 Albums pressed on heavyweight 180 g vinyl. Replicas of the original LP sleeves and artwork. The Mono Masters compilation released on vinyl for the first time. 
The collection includes a lavishly 12×12 illustrated 108 page hardback book. 

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