The Beatles Golden Album Vol.#2 10 Album Box Set

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End Date: 2006-02-01
Start Date: 2006-01-25

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The Beatles Golden Album Vol.#2  10 Album Box Set

    This is a collection of 10 records in one unique box!  The print is in both english and japanese.  The first 2 records are "The Beatles Story" a narrative and musical biography of Beatlemania on 2 long play records!

The first 2  records cover their whole story from beginning to fabulous fame! With narration and select music!

Record #3 is The Golden Album,  #4 is Magical Mystery Tour,   #5 is Abbey Road,   #6 isYesterday and Today,   #7 is the White Album,  #8 is Hey Jude,  #9 is Something New ,  #10 is Let it Be!

The collection also comes with original songbook for all of the songs word for word on all the records in the collection in english as well as japanese.  This is a very unique and one of a kind item, I have tried to find anything even close to it and I cannot duplicate it, I have looked everywhere possible!! 

                        The collection is numbered  SB-1028-1-10

As far as I have found this collection was released in Japan in 1966!

             If you know more about it please let me know!!!




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