The Beatles Casualties Butcher Promo Album SPRO-9469

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End Date: 2006-05-21
Start Date: 2006-05-14
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The Beatles Casualties Butcher Promo Album SPRO-9469

Up for auction is this very rare and hard to find Beatles Casualties Promo Album with the infamous "butcher" cover.

This also has the misspelling on the "Strawberry Fields Forever" track, the back cover lists it as "Strawberry Fields Forevever".

For promotional use only/Not for sale SPRO-9469 (see photos).

The bottom left hand corner of the back cover is dated:

 1980 EMI Records Limited 1980 Capitol Records INC.

The condition of the album cover has what I would consider to be normal wear from storage. The edges are slightly rounded. The spine has the most wear, please see photos.

The album itself is in great condition with very sharp edges and looks as though it was only played a couple of times but I am not an "album grader". Please understand that. I would call it NM near mint but my definition of near mint may be different than others. For this reason alone it is being sold as-is, no refunds. If you scratch it after you recieve it that is your responsibility. I will not be held accountable for buyer remorse. This album will be leaving my possession exactly as described in this listing.   

There is some finger prints that can be wiped clean but I will leave that up to the winning bidder because I do not know the proper procedure for doing so without possibly damaging the album. 

There is one smudge or scratch (I can't tell which) that is located on the inner ring. This IS NOT on the playing field. (see photos)  

1) Please Please Me

2) I Want To Hold Your Hand

3) Money

4) A Hard Day's Night

5) I'll Cry Instead

6) Ticket To Ride

7) Yes It Is

8) Day Tripper

9) I'm Only Sleeping

Side Two

1) Strawberry Fields Forevever     *(note: this is misspelled on the back cover)

2) I Am The Walrus

3) Only A Northern Song

4) Revolution

5) Her Majesty

6) Let It Be


Sorry, US bidders only!

Please ask ALL questions BEFORE bidding. Thanks.

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