The Beatles - Broadcasts - TMOQ - Near Mint
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The Beatles - Broadcasts - TMOQ - Near Mint

Box Top Records


Record is Near Mint

Cover is Excellent plus


Track list :


Pop Goes The Beatles / Long Tall Sally / Carol / SOldier Of Love / Lend Me Your Comb / Clarabella / Memphis / I Got A Women / Sure To Fall / Do You Want To Know A Secret

Hippy Hippy Shake / Till There Was You / Matchbox / I'm A Loser / She's A Woman / I Feel Fine / Everebody's Trying To Be My Baby / I'll Follow The Sun


Few words about TMOQ records

Trade Mark of Quality (Often abbreviated as TMQ or TMoQ) stared in the early 1970s (possibly in the late 1960s) by two guys known only as Ken and Dub. Originating in Los Angeles, California, the duo pressed bootlegs of live rock shows. They used colored, virgin vinyl and full-color covers, gaining a reputation for quality work.

The duo split after a few years, and Dub kept the original Trade Mark of Quality going, still using the "farm style" pig logo, while Ken started using the cigar smoking "Pig Daddy" logo. Ken would copy every new release from Dub's label, using cheaper black vinyl and a less expensive covers. Soon, Dub started adding "Accept No Substitutes" to his releases.

Ken stopped his branch of TMOQ in late 1973, starting up The Amazing Kornyphone Record Label with another bootlegger known as "Dr Telly Phone." Later he created a number of other labels, including Phoenix and Saturated Records, which made copies of TMOQ and TAKRL records with higher quality color. Dub shut down his branch of TMOQ in 1974, taking a break from bootlegging.

In the 1980s, TMOQ reformed, creating well-made, colorful packages that rivaled major label quality. The label continued into the late 1980s to be among the first bootleggers to press CDs.

In the mid-1980s, a German bootleg label "The Swingin' Pig" used Ken's "Pig Daddy" logo on their boots. Then in 2001, both label logos resurfaced on some re-issues coming from Japan. In 2008, another bootleg label used the "farm style" logo, though it is unclear if there is any connection to the original TMOQ people.


A little label history: 1st generation releases are known as TMOQ or "farm pig" and were released by Dub & Ken. Actually the first pressings had big number 1/2/3/4 labels and later pressings had different variations of the "farm pig" label. An unknown number of titles also had "Made In Holland" printed on the labels and this was (according to the book "Great White Wonders" ), done because of the liberal laws in Holland. These copies were then exported to Europe. All TMOQ albums initially had blank generic jackets with rubber stamped title, TMOQ stickers in silver, gold and various other colours with records pressed on black or coloured vinyl when available. Most, but not all albums, had a back insert. 2nd generation releases came after Dub & Ken split up partnership and they began a "friendly competition" as Ken released titles on his own TMOQ also known as the "Smoking Pig" label before establishing The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label (TAKRL) with a new partner. An arrangement with the pressing plant allowed him use of Dub's TMOQ stampers to press his own copies of Dub's records along with his own new releases. His releases were a mix of CV and black vinyl pressings and had front inserts (usually same as the old TMOQ back inserts but now with the TMOQ logo). Between 1973-74 a lot of titles were released without catalogue numbers and can only be identified by the matrix numbers. In 1973 Dub & Ken meet an art student named William Stout who expressed an interest in designing their album covers, his first being the Rolling Stones "Winter Tour 1973" double album. Stout subsequently designed all the TMOQ cartoon covers in his unique style. The most famous is probably The Rolling Stones "Welcome to New York" in 1973 which was also the label's first printed deluxe cover. His last ones were in 1976 when TMOQ released 6 albums in their deluxe series. The most lovely ones are probably Jeff Beck's "Beckfast" album with a cartoon version of the "Kellog*s Corn Flakes" pack and Paul McCartney&Wings "Great Dane" double album with a cartoon version of the HMV dog.





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