Sonny Rollins ALFIE Orig IMPULSE A-9111 PROMO LP RVG Gatefold Burrell Mono M-

End Price: USD 95
Start Price: USD 4
End Date: 2013-12-04
Start Date: 2013-11-27

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Country: USA
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Sonny Rollins ALFIE Orig IMPULSE A-9111 PROMO LP RVG Gatefold Burrell Mono M-

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Sonny Rollins ALFIE 

RARE Original IMPULSE A-9111 PROMO. Mono

with Kenny Burrell, Phil Woods and J. J. Johnson

Play-Graded selectively! (due to fine condition)

(Please consult my proprietary grading system below 

for accurate understanding of LP condition)


DISKMint- (Audio quality and Visual grade)

Stunning shine of vinyl, like off the press! Plays superb, clean with great strength, clarity, accuracy and immediacy! Zero sound distortion of tenor sax and Kenny Burrell's guitar! Only one short pure surface/cosmetic brush/sleeve mark on track 1 side 1, absolutely non-feelable and no effect on sound. 

No skips, heat damage or warping.

LABELS: Sharp and crisp, off the press. No spindle marks.


COVER: Mint-

Superb gloss gatefold nearly perfect in every way. Perfect glossy seams and spine, no corner wear; only a tiny short/barely noticeable gloss crease upper left and four pen letters inside gatefold at bottom right.

This is a very hard, inflexible original American-style cardboard cover!




1. All albums have been cleaned thoroughly by hand using professional record cleaning aids, before any visual or play-grading.


2. Records are stored with professional and collector's care in plastic LP sleeves, with vinyl disks in their own sleeves next to the LP jacket covers. All albums are kept in climate controlled environment.


3. All LPs are shipped with disks out of the jacket covers (to avoid seam splits) in custom-made hard cardboard LP mailers, with sufficient insulation and extra tape for security. Each mailer is custom stamped with "NO HEAT" and "NO SUNLIGHT" to avoid heat damage while en route.


4. Play grading is done with headphones for the most rigorous and accurate, as well as the most conservative approach. Ambient listening should be much better than graded here.





My Grading System is proprietary, thorough, under direct and bright daylight as well as diffused daylight, and multi-tiered very gradually, based on condition characteristics carefully defined for each individual grade, in order to effectively allocate and describe the incredible variety and diversity of used records condition levels (please see below). It aims to give a complete picture of the condition of the records you bid on, so you may do so fully informed and with complete confidence. The grading is supplemented by a detailed and completely accurate description of each LP (disk and jacket) elaborating on each and every visible imperfection.

Please read the grading tier description corresponding to the Grade Level assigned to the LP you are interested in, for you maximum understanding and clarity on the specific record condition.


At this time I offer limited play-grading and/or if LP condition requires it, since the sheer volume of records auctioned here makes it impossible to listen to all of them in their entirety.


My records’ visual condition is guaranteed to be as described. In most cases the visual condition under diffused daylight indicates reliably the way a record would play overall, given degree of vinyl and groove wear, quantity and nature of any marks, hairlines and scratches, and any other factors. Please keep in mind that unless a record is marked as SEALED or NEW, you would be bidding on a used item made of plastic. No one can guarantee that every second of a record will sound in a certain way. Usually surface, sleeve marks and hairlines do not affect play. Only the feelable-to-touch marks and deeper or wider marks and scratches do, but not always. At the same time I have noticed that at times an LP track that looks visually perfect would have some surface noise when played, which could be expected at times from any used record.


I carefully evaluate all my records for any heat damage. Please note that the records auctioned here will be marked as free of heat damage if they are not warped and the vinyl does not show any unusual patterns or discoloration caused by improper exposure to heat. If any LP does show any of the above signs of heat damage, it will be disclosed prominently in the description. I would only auction records with any heat damage signs if the record is a rare, collectible first pressing. As you may know, currently there are professional methods to fix LP vinyl warping!


I operate from a deep sense of honesty, honor and integrity and trust that you do as well. I am kind, courteous, helpful and professional toward all my buyers, and I welcome the same kind of treatment from them. If we lose our honesty or integrity, we lose it all – in life as well as in business. 

GRADING SYSTEM (tiers and description)

(Applied separately to vinyl disk and LP cover!)

NOTE: I distinguish in descending order in each Grade Level between: 

(LP marks NOT AFFECTING PLAY  – Grades SEALED to NM): barely noticeable marks, pale surface marks, sleeve marks, wear marks, very thin hairlines, hairlines, longer marks, 

(LP marks which MAY AFFECT PLAY – Grades EX to G): wider marks (may not affect play), deeper marks (may or may not affect play at all), feelable-to-touch marks (occasionally or likely affecting play), scratches (deep, feelable, long and/or wide – most likely affecting play)

SEALED (------)

NEW (Visually perfect, new, unplayed condition, and/or bought new but not sealed. Should play perfectly)

MINT (Used/preowned but in brilliant condition with no signs of wear. Should play perfectly or near perfectly)

M- (MINT overall, with one or two very minor/surface imperfections (barely noticeable marks, pale surface marks  not affecting play). Should play perfectly, near perfectly or very fine overall)

NM (M- super clean overall, with very few minor imperfections, plus one or two slightly more noticeable imperfections, like surface sleeve wear, thin hairlines, or short and very slightly feelable mark. Should play really well or great throughout, minus any minimal occasional occurrences of audio imperfection, due to visually undetectable or detectable minor imperfection)

EX (NM really clean overall, with occasional one or few imperfections and/or wear signs, some more noticeable or slightly feelable. Should play really satisfyingly overall)

STRONG VG+ (EX overall, with a little more wear signs, one or very few longer, deeper or slightly feelable marks. Should play pretty well overall, minus any areas of imperfection that may be audible, or occasional surface noise)

VG+ (STRONG VG+ overall, with more signs of wear, and more noticeable, longer, deeper, wider, and some feelable marks and/or one scratch. Should play well overall, with occasional or more sustained surface noise)

WEAK VG+ (VG+ but slightly magnified. Play will be affected in various ways)

VG (WEAK VG+ overall, with even more signs of wear or excessive wear, time passage, and much more, different and deeper marks and/or scratches, which would most likely affect play for the most part)

VG- or G (Weak VG. Mostly a reference copy of a rare record. Should not be expected to play satisfactorily)


Returns or exchanges accepted withing 14 days of mailing date in the event that an LP shows verifiable imperfections beyond what is visible or described in the listing. Buyers are strongly encouraged to read each listing's description, as well as auction terms, carefully before bidding. Buyers would normally pay for the returned shipping unless other arrangements are needed or made. For intentional buyers, it is much wiser for both buyer and seller for a partial credit to be applied, in case of a problem, instead of spending so much  money to ship back across the Ocean! Thank you.



1. Domestic United States: I offer Free Shipping for all single-LP domestic US purchases of over $30.00 in purchase value, with $2.00 shipping charge for each additional LP when mailed together. Purchases under $30.00 are $4.00 for shipping, with $1.50 for each additional LP mailed together. I use USPS Media Mail with tracking.

2. International shipping: I offer $4.00 discount on all single LP purchases of over USD 30.00. Rates to Europe, Japan and other countries and continents vary between USD 16.00 and USD 28.00 for individual LPs. Additional LPs mailed together are shipped with a USD 3.00 additional shipping charge for each LP when mailed together. An international customs postal form with a code number is used for each package, which may or may not be able to be used as tracking. 

United States Postal Service does not offer tracking numbers on lower shipping rates.

International buyers please inquire for specific rates and specify your country, city and postal code for a precise quote!

3. Insurance: 

All album purchases over $40.00, given their high value and extreme rarity, will be shipped with postal insurance to protect the albums against loss and damage. The insurance amount will be included in your shipping cost. 

If you wish to decline insurance, please email me since Ebay stipulates that in the case of declined insurance buyer will take loss or damage of the items purchased.

For US buyers insurance will only cost between $2.00 and $7.00, for up to few hundred dollars in coverage using Media Mail with tracking (insurance amounts for other shipping rates may vary). 

For international buyers the insurance amount will depend on the shipping rate they choose. Generally, the US Postal Service allows international insurance for Priority Mail rate and up. Please ask me for a more precise quote, depending on how many albums you purchase and the total final value.

4. Special considerations and requests: Both domestic and international buyers can request specific or preferred shipping speed, method, postal carrier, forms of delivery, and insurance, at extra cost. Buyer’s choice is honored.

Shipping only after cleared payment. Thank you.

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