Sex Pistols Anarchy In The UK Original 1976 7“ 1 sided Abbey Road Swirl Acetate

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Sex Pistols  Anarchy In The UK Original 1976 7“ 1 sided Abbey Road Swirl Acetate




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SEX PISTOLS Anarchy In The UK (Abbey Road EMI Studios 1976 UK 1-sided 7" acetate cut with original blue & gold 'pyschedelic' label



One simply cannot deny the importance of The Sex Pistols to the birth of punk rock, as well as many of the other new genres that followed.  With an attitude and sound that was pure musical chaos, their music continues to set them far apart from their peers, as well as most of the bands that attempted to follow in their footsteps.  Lasting only a few years before a wide range of issues tore the band apart, the few songs they did release forever changed modern music.  One cannot overstate the importance and impact of The Sex Pistols legendary 1976 debut single, "Anarchy In The UK."
The moment the song begins, with the opening chords from guitarist Steve Jones few songs have better "announced" the presence of a new band and sound in the way that is found on "Anarchy In The UK,"  Johnny Rotten introduces the world to his trademark snarl and there are few lyrics from any point in history that have become as memorable as the opening lines when Rotten rants, "...I am an anti-christ, I am an anarchist, don't know what I want but, I know how to get it..."  These words in many ways defined both the attitude and perception of punk and remain so iconic thirty five years later.

The Sex Pistols' monumental 1976 single, "Anarchy In The UK," is such an unforgettable moment in music history and  defined what it meant to be punk. 

Legendary Chris Thomas recollects his recording of Anarchy…..

"Anarchy" has something like a dozen guitars on it; I sort of orchestrated it, double-tracking some bits and separating the parts and adding them, et cetera. We did the backing track without John being there. John was being kept in the dark by Malcolm the whole time. He didn't even know they were in the studio...then it came time to do the vocal and John appeared in the control room. He had this amazing presence to him. So he went in to sing "Anarchy," and he basically just screamed into the microphone. So I went in to speak to him, and I tried to explain to him that I didn't think it was going to work like that. And he said, "Well, what should I do? You're the one with the track record." I said, "Let's go down to the pub." He was nervous and I probably looked straight and old to him. He was about 20; I was probably 30, which was a gap, especially then. But bit by bit we worked on it and it came together. And the reason it did come together as well as it did is they were serious. The publicity line is that Malcolm got these four no-no's and invented the whole thing, which is obviously not the case. John was quite brilliant. I remember when we mixed it, the others were asleep but John was sitting right behind me and he was really enthusiastic about it….”





Showing authenticity is everything with a record of this importance so I am happy to say the providence is excellent with this disc. I have had it for 5 years and i purchased it from well renown Pistols collector/expert and Goldie’s manager, Eddie Lock. I’ll include the history of the acetate which originated from the son of the Manager of HMV It also comes with a compliments slip from EG in the kings road, a letter of providence and authenticity from Eddie valuing the acetate for £12,000 back in 2006 for insurance purposes as well as a detailed history of Anarchy In The UK Abbey Road Swirl acetates.


This is a once in a lifetime oppertunity to aquire an historic piece of Pop Culture and one that will rise considerably over

years to come.  Sex Pistols are fast becoming the most collectable band in history behind the Beatles which is shown in rapid increases in top end memorabilia sales. The last 2 genuine Sex Pistols acetates sold for £14,600 and £10,800 (see and were in relatively poor condition compared to this one. I think this is the first time a genuine UK Anarchy acetate has ever appeared on ebay, unlike other Pistols gems like the God Save The Queen A&M which commands a huge price but will appear fairly regularly. Genuine acetates rarely surface on the open market as the few collectors that have them know their values will continue to rise. This acetate can also be viewed on the God Save The Sex Pistols and Helen Hall websites. For more information about Sex Pistols acetates the excellent book 'Gavin Walsh - Sex Pistols A Collectors Guide...' provides a good background






The record has been stored in a temperature controlled, smoke and pet free enviroment and has only been played once for me to put onto cd and check the condition. I'm delighted to say it played through perfectly with no skips or jumps. Acetates should only be played to a minimum so i'll include the cd of the acetate in the sale. The acetate is graded as excellent, remarkable for a record that is 35 years old and it's amazing to think that the band, manager, producer and engineer probably were sat in the studio listening to this very disc. The label is also in beautiful condition, dispaying only normal aging you would expect after all these years 




I've listed the postage as £4 but this was just to fill the section in. The winning bidder will be responsible for all insurance,shipping and postage costs


Please e-mail me with any questions. Good luck and happy bidding!


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