Missing Links Oz 60s Garage Punk Psych Htuom Tuhs Rare
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The Wildest 60's Australian garage band was definitely the legendary Missing Links. They released 3 monster mega-rare 45's on Philips during 1965 & 1966 (plus a further one on Parlophone) and a very collectable LP and EP on Philips as well. All these items are in high demand - but I can assure you that this gem, their 3rd & final Philips 45, makes their other releases seem common. This one NEVER turns up at all. It would have sold virtually nothing, and the few surviving copies of this (and you can count them on one hand) are usually ex-radio station copies. The 45 consists of the track (from their self-titled LP) "H'Tuom Tuhs" which is split into 2 parts and is simply their version of "Mama Keep your Big Mouth Shut" with the tape played backwards. Hardly listenable, pretty weird and wild for the time and little wonder it hardly sold a copy.

This is one of the ultra-collectable Australian garage 45's - monstrously rare - in unplayed condition!!

Philips Catalogue Number BF-231 (1966) - H'Tuom Tuhs (Part 1)/H'Tuom Tuhs (Part 2)

Condition - Looks Unplayed - M-

Has a small ABC (radio station) stamp imprinted in the top left hand corner of Side One. Otherwise label and record are Mint. In original Australian Philips Paper Sleeve.

Try finding a copy at all, let alone one in this sort of condition. Serious bids only please.

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