Miles Davis; Cookin'; Prestive 7094; DG, Bergenfield; RVG; Original press jazz
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Well after many years doing auctions on eBay, I've finally decided to let some of my high end vinyl go. Don't miss out, I'm posting a handful of jazz gold. Simply put; I love this album. Like, it's my favorite Davis album. Hands down. This is a beautiful example as well. With this copy, you won't be disappointed. 
More below:

Vinyl:  (VG+ (8.5 of 10): High gloss. One light mark on side B; some very light paper scuffs. This example has been taken care of. It's a pretty great copy, and very enjoyable every time I put it on. 
Cover: VG+ (7.8 of 10): Pretty great. High gloss, all seams are strong, art is 90% new-ish looking. A crack or two on the spine, but still very strong; some tape as on the bottom of the spine, but I'm not sure it needs to be there. About 2". Pretty white, and age is actually quite minimal.
VINYL WEIGHT: 160-170g
Additional Notes: Deep Groove; RVG in runout; Bergenfield address label. Pretty amazing listening experience._____________________________________________________________________

Regarding Grading: I always use the standard G-VG+ scale. I, however, absolutely never use the word "mint" because I don't believe I've ever found a mint record -- even sealed ones. The highest I go is VG+. I use a number system to get a bit more specific.

The number: my number system gets a bit more granular. For the record, it's meant to reflect more the audio quality and overall aesthetic. For the cover, it reflects overall preservation, gloss, and damage, if there is any.
A few notes about quality, purchasing, and shipping: 
* I always vacuum clean my records. They've all gone through a three step solution process with a vacuum cleaning machine I built.

** All records are shipped in record boxes.

*** All records are shipped with a plastic sleeve, and the records will be shipped OUTSIDE the cover.

Shipping is a standard $4 domestic, and by weight international ... so CHECK YOU INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE. Shipping is expensive these days -- don't shoot the messenger. 

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