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One of the psych holy grails LP ,ULTRA  RARE psych hard rock record sounds with very interesting folk rock influences.    MORLY GREY " The Only Truth "     KILLER MONSTER HEAVY PSYCH !   First Repro Complete With Poster! Label: Starshine 69000 Year: 1972

MORLY GREY -  The Only Truth 1972 - Very rare US STEREO LP ( Starshine pressing 69000 ) vinyl album thick cover repro of '80s ?!

Only 1,000 copies of the original were pressed !?/ included large psychedelic poster !!

  Great heavy fuzz psych rock classic +  poster.

A superb Psychedelic album 1972 monster heavy psych-rock album by the excellent and very obscure classic U.S. Ohio based band 'Morley Grey'. The original 1972 pressing is very near impossible to find today, the copy on offer here is a rare exact repro with original poster that was pressed around 1986-88, this 80's copy had a very limited run and is now very rare itself and almost never surfaces for sale, it is very close repro to the original AND SOON WILL BE ALMOST AS RARE !!

This record is a true masterpiece...great psychedelic guitar playing throughout the album, and really good songs as well.

If you like heavy psych-rock music drenched with loads of blistering acid lead guitar, heavy bass and pounding drums then this monster-rare U.S. album will not disappoint. You are very unlikely to ever find the 1972 U.S. starshine original pressing so this now very rare 20 years old exact repro thick cover with large poster is the next best thing.

    Thick Textured Cover, Includes poster. Handwritten trail off "69000 A" & "69000 SIDE B", Red & Silver label.

 Super clean copy of this all-time classic Lp as recorded by MORLY GREY. This is an almost exact reproduction copy of this materpiece psychedelic gem.  No album on the planet sounds like this one,  packed full of genuinely good songs,  and loads of great psychedelic guitar.   

 Morly Grey released their one and only album The Only Truth in 1972,
NOT 1969 as told in some discographies and books.

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Some recording dates
1971, at Cleveland Recording Corporation, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Cleveland, Ohio. Engineering: Ken Hamen.
1972, at Peppermint Studios, Youngstown, Ohio. Engineering: Gary Rhamy.

First drummer Paul Cassidy was fired after the recordings was done and Bob Lanave took his place.
The group kept side one but recorded a new side two with the new drummer and also changed the album title
after the new track "The Only Truth". So there are two drummers on the album!

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Tim Roller,  guitar
Mark Roller,  bass, vocals
1:st drummer: Paul Cassidy, R.I.P. died March 2001.
2:nd drummer: Bob Lanave, drums, percussion, vocals

Floyd Phillips

It was released on the Starshine label and had the number 69000 and included a free poster.

Tracks: Peace Officer (5:30), You Came To Me (4:12), Who can I Say You Are (3:40), I´m Afraid (4:32),
Our Time (6:29), After Me Again (3:07), Feeling For You, A (2:33), Only Truth, The (17:02).

Condition: Thick Heavy COVER: EX  [ No splits-No cut-No hole..just minor light wear on edges- 2 corners have  minor dings,light ring wears.]   Thick laminated POSTER  is in NM like new condition!  RECORD: NM- [ like new -just very light surface inner sleeve scuff- almost perfect!]    




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 KEYWORDS: psych rock kraut cosmic space electronic prog psychedelic jam garage nuggets fuzz acid flowers hippy hippie pokora

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VG+ (VERY GOOD +) : Played a lot, will show signs of handling, has marks, possibly few light scratches but no jumps or sticks. Cover wear (light ring wear, heavier corner or edge wear on cover).

VG (VERY GOOD) : Used record, played a lot, has marks, few scratches, some crackling while playing and but no jumps or sticks. Still quite listenable. Cover may have heavy corner, edge wear or split seams.

G (GOOD) : Played a lot and more (but still playable), lot of scratches, crackles a lot while playing, may have jump or sticks and cover is not so good ! This record must be very rare to be proposed in this state !!!

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