Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra OKEH 8774

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End Date: 2011-09-24
Start Date: 2011-09-17

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Country: Germany
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Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra OKEH 8774

Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra OKEH 8774


From now on each week  the Jazzmuseum Bix Eiben Hamburg ( www.bixeibenhamburg.com)

offers shellacs of famous Jazz musicians representing the classic Jazz.



Today we present you:


            Louis Armstrong

Songs: Dallas Blues              and

               Bessie couldn`t help it


Label:   OKEH


Condition:  E -  ( very little rim-chip at the edge of the record)


All 78`s will be backed with cardboard and with styrofoam popcorn.

The shellacs are located in the Jazzmuseum Bix Eiben Hamburg in Germany and the approximated delivery time to America is about 10 – 14 days and to Europe is 4-6 days.


Shipping costs:

Shipping within Europe: € 15

Shipping within America: $ 20

For further information about our International  Jazzmuseum Bix Eiben Hamburg  please check out our website: www.bixeibenhamburg.com
We wish all participants a lot of joy with our new auctions and are looking forward to receive bids.

Keep Swingin´!

Jazzmuseum Bix Eiben Hamburg

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