Led Zeppelin Trident Studio UK 7" Acetate D'yer Maker
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  • Led Zeppelin Trident Studio  UK 7" Acetate D'yer Maker

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On offer here is one of the most unique Led Zeppelin items to ever be offered for sale anywhere. Jimmy Pages' personal copy of a Led Zeppelin - D'yer Maker Original UK 7" 45rpm Trident Studio Reference Acetate. In over 35 years of collecting Led Zeppelin I have never seen a copy of this made available for sale. Nor have I ever heard of another copy of this item having been confirmed to exist. It is not listed ANYWHERE that I know of. None of the innumerable guidebooks, discographies, collector sites, magazine articles, etc... that I have seen over the years has ever made mention of this item. And certainly NO photographs of it are extant in collecting circles. The reason for this is simple and obvious. This is most likely the ONLY COPY IN THE WORLD of this item. A bit of background should serve to explain how I arrived at this conclusion. As is well known and understood Jimmy Page has 100% total artistic control over Led Zeppelin's recorded output. This has ALWAYS been the case. All decisions regarding what would be released were Jimmy's to make. This fact would explain why no LZ acetates EVER surface. Test pressings, yes. But REFERENCE Acetates are another thing entirely. Jimmy would have a single disc cut at the studio to listen to at home. Possibly another disc would be made for Peter Grant. Maybe. But in the vast majority of instances just a single disc would be made. At this point the reader may be wondering "How can the seller make this claim?" The reason is this: the INDISPUTABLE PROVENANCE of this disc. It was given by Jimmy to an associate of his. Who later gave it to a friend. From whom I purchased it a number of years ago. Along with a number of other LZ items of similar quality and rarity. I GUARANTEE 100% that this disc is 100% ORIGINAL, and as described, was Jimmy Page's personal copy. The condition of the disc is quite good. I would rate it as a very,very conservative VG. But it really is much closer to VG+. As an acetate is inherently more fragile than vinyl I will rate it VG. But it really is in remarkably good condition for a 35 year old acetate. There are light surface scuffs and several light wispy hairlines marks across the surface of the one sided disc. It plays very well, with a minimum of surface noise. The sound quality is AMAZING! LOUD, CLEAR, VIBRANT and POWERFUL would be the most apt terms to describe its sonic signature. Light crackle is evident in places, as anyone with experience playing acetate recordings will understand to be a near inevitable occurrence. I have only ever played the disc twice, it is the same version as on the Houses Of The Holy LP. But certainly louder and clearer than any CD or vinylk version that I have heard. This is the magic, and appeal of acetates. They often provide a clear vibrant sound devoid of noise reduction trickery, and the sonic limitations of being cut to LP. This disc is a rare, dare I say UNIQUE piece of Led Zeppelin history, most likely the only copy in existence. When was the last time any LZ Reference Acetates were offered for sale on ebay? Or anywhere else for that matter? NEVER in my experience! Here is a one time opportunity to own a singular artifact from one of the greatest groups of all time. GUARANTEED 100% original. Item will be sent by recorded delivery to the winner. Overseas buyers MUST agree to this. Postage charged at cost. Item will be VERY securely packaged for shipping.

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