Jeff Wayne War Of The Worlds EVE by CHRIS THOMPSON RARE
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  • Jeff Wayne War Of The Worlds EVE by CHRIS THOMPSON RARE

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Extreme Rarity in near-mint condition!!

From Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds - The Eve Of The War 7" single sung by Chris Thompson

When the classic album The War Of The Worlds was first released in 1978, the classic track The Eve Of The War was sung on the album by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues.

CBS, the record company, wanted to release the song as a single, but for contractual reasons, they were initially unable to release it with Hayward's vocals. Instead, Jeff Wayne remixed the track to include the lead vocal as sung by Chris Thompson, who had also sung the lead vocals for the song Thunderchild on the album.

An initial pressing of 1000 copies of the single with Thompson's vocals were pressed and issued to shops, then interest in the album took off, it ultimately became one of the best-selling albums of all time. Because of the soaring album sales, Hayward's management renegotiated his contractual involvement in the project and gave permission to release his vocals on the single version of The Eve Of The War instead.

All remaining copies of the Chris Thompson version were recalled from shops and destroyed, for the song to be re-released with Justin Hayward as lead vocalist. It is unknown how many copies of Thompson's version survived, but the number is believed to be extremely small.

After a special preview broadcast of The War Of The Worlds on Metro Radio on the day before release, I bought this copy of the Chris Thompson version of the single on release day from Callers record store in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on 24 August 1978 - I still have the receipt! I played it once on a top-class hi-fi deck, a Linn Sondek, to check it was a good copy, then stored it carefully in plastic until now.

It's on auction here with its original purchase receipt, together with a mint copy of the David Essex single Brave New World in a picture sleeve and a used copy of the single Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward. All from 1978, and excellently stored for preservation.

The Chris Thompson Eve Of The War is is a highly collectible EXTREME rarity, in near-mint condition, on offer exclusively through Ebay.

NB Because of its rarity value, I will ONLY send it by Special Delivery insured.

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