Ice Cream & Suckers "South African Soul" by Various Artists World Africa

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Ice Cream & Suckers

The cover is has no cuts or slices but it does have a small punch hole and my name written on the back.
"What kind of music is popular with the urban African? ICE CREAM & SUCKERS, a new album of South African soul, gives you a good cross-section of current sound in Africa. The roots of this music go as far back as the traditional Bantu music played in the homelands far away from the influence of city life. These basic melody lines, with their repretitive themes, have been retained in much current music, and will appeal to listeners interested in Afro-culture and the unique, pure, Afro sounds. Other selections show how older styles, instrumentation, and even rhythms have changed and reflect the modern beat that appeals to the urban African taste."

Ice Cream & Suckers - South African Soul (Mercury, SR61213, c 1966)
Ice Cream and Suckers - Soweto Stockvel Septette
Mr Dube No 5 - Mr Dube
Sweetie Love - Jabulani Quads
Mr Bull No 4 - Mr Bull
School In - SDV Swing Band
Brown Pepper - Cassius the Great
Mr Bull No 3 - Mr Bull
Mr Dube No 7 - Mr Dube
Lindi - TV Sisters
Sunny Side Up No 2 - Cassius the Great
Yo-Yo Jive - SDV Swing Band
Ice Cream and Suckers No 2 - Soweto Stokvel Septette

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