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It Is Revealed

Original "Deep Groove" USA Private Pressing

Featuring: Sonny Simmons, Don Cherry, Clifford Jordan, Fred Lyman, Bill Wood, Orville Harrison, Charles Moffett.

Signed On The Cover By Prince Lasha 

Dedicated to an ex-girlfriend of Elvin Jones and neighbor of Miles Davis.  

Label: Zounds L-718838B. Private Pressing, 1963.

Cover: lt rw, ew. Vinyl: VG+. At first glance, I graded this Excellent however after cleaning it on my Nitty Gritty machine, I decided to give it a listen and graded it VG+ just to be extra fair. There are two light surface scuffs on one track.

Since you are looking at this auction, you probably know the extent of just how rare this particular record is. Taking it a step further is the fact that it was given as a gift by the artist himself. 

The last copy of this album sold for $400 and it was in a mere "Good" condition. I derived the value using the Goldmine system and included a nominal fee for the autograph as well. 

Please do not be offended if I do not respond to "low-ball" offers. I am more than happy to keep this gem however, I would prefer it to go to somebody who can appreciate it's true value. 

 All items will be carefully packaged for maximum protection removing the lp from the cover. Solid Eco-Friendly packaging, superior to average record mailers. We are veteran eBay sellers with over 20 years of Positive Vinyl Grading and Selling Experience. For combined shipping, just email the list of titles that you are interested in and we will combine them for you. Overseas buyers please note that we use the global shipping program for items valued over $20. 

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Heres a brief explanation of my grading system, followed by an overview of abbreviations you will encounter...

  • SS  Still Sealed - in factory-fresh condition
  • M  Mint - I don't use this grade.
  • M- Mint Minus - a near perfect record
  • Excellent a great record, slightly below M- but above average (VG+).
  • VG++  Very Good Plus close to like new with only superficial signs of use that dont affect play. Only well cared for records will grade out to VG+. Will satisfy all but the most demanding collector.
  • VG Very Good - a used, reasonable copy. There will be obvious signs of wear and the possibility of light surface noise between tracks or during quiet passages, but still quite nice.
  • VG- Very Good Minus - significant wear and marks and usually quite noticeable surface noise.
  • G+ Good Plus. In the record world, 'Good' is not good! From here on down (Fair, Poor), we're talking about beat-up records.

Comments have no bearing on the disc itself, but only refer to the cover or label.

  • co = drill hole in label or jacket (or saw mark/cut corner on cover)
  • ew  = edge wear on cover i.e. split corners & center splits
  • rw = ring wear on cover
  • dj = promotional issue 45
  • djt = dj timing strip (12" x 4" white sticker on cover detailing titles and playing time)
  • es = electronic stereo 
  • lbl = label
  • ps = picture sleeve (for 45's)
  • pc = picture cover (hard cover usually 45rpm Eps) 
  • lt cr = light crease
  • cr =  crease
  • re = reissue
  • tr = tear
  • sl = slight
  • sm= small
  • tobc = tag on back cover
  • tol = tag on label
  • wlp = white label promo
  • woc = writing on cover
  • wol = writing on label
  • #ol = number on label
  • oc = on cover
  • obc = on back cover
  • promo stamp = usually gold embossed notice on jacket indicating that item intended for promotional use
  • split seams, 4" split, 8" taped seam, etc... = all refer to cover damage

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