HEINZ DRESSEL Schubert Menuett / Sinding Rustle of Spring ARTIPHON PHONYCARD

End Price: USD 49
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Start Price: USD 49
End Date: 2012-03-04
Start Date: 2012-02-26

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Country: Switzerland
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HEINZ DRESSEL   Schubert Menuett / Sinding Rustle of Spring   ARTIPHON PHONYCARD

Heinz Dressel , German pianist, studied in Köln by Hermann Abendroth, later concertmaster in Plauen and 1934 in  Lübeck. From 1941-42 Music Director in Münster, from 1951-56 in Freiburg and later in Essen. He made only a few electric records in 1929.

10" Artiphon 03442/4: Schubert, Menuett in B minor / Rachmaninoff, Prelude in C sharp minor op. 3 No 2. Matrices 3444 / 32442. Recorded 1929. Condition: 2-3 / 3

10" Hertie 300: Schubert, Moment Musical in F minor op.94 No 3 / Sinding, Rustle of Spring op. 32 No 3. Matrices 3446, 3445 from Artiphon. Recorded 1929. Hertie was a lower price label for the store Hertie.  Anonymous, no name of the pianist on label, but with the same matrices like the next record below .A very rare label !

10" red Phonycord No 27: same items and matrices like above. Flexible record. Condition: 2, light warped.

Rare records of Heinz Dressel and interesting labels !


1 = mint, never played on gramophone, is not used

1-2 = top copy, no traces of use - virtually as new

2 = excellent copy, few light non-sounding rubs/marks

2-3 = light traces of wear (rubs/marks), very light greying and/or light scratches, non sounding blemishes

3 = a good average copy with more noticeable rubs and marks; light greying, few light scratches possible

3-4 = more traces of use, sonic wear from light greying. An inferior average copy, light scratches possible

4 = some sounding wear, heavier rubs and marks, scratches possible

5 = obvious sounding wear, heavy rubs, marks, scratches. An unsatisfactory copy.


USA, ASIA  Post Pac Economic (airmail 20 days ) $ 36.80

Europe Postpac Economic $ 27.60

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