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Please keep attuned to my site because I am now selling an extraordinary collection of near mint records that I have hand picked from probably the most legendary private collection on earth.  In the 1980s and 1990s, my special friendship with the famous jazz auctioneer Leon Levitt resulted in my being invited to his home in Sun Valley, California and given the opportunity to acquire the best of the best of any jazz record in which I expressed an interest.  If he had twenty or thirty copies of a particular record, which was not unusual, he would allow me to take them all home and choose the best cover and the best sounding and cleanest copy of the bunch.  I did this methodically for at least ten years and accumulated a collection that in terms of condition rarity is second to none on the face of the earth.  I am now going to be selling these records in small groupings on ebay.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire some amazing records.  I have a perfect record on ebay and, if you check the commentaries on my transactions, you will and should be perfectly comfortable with my representations.  These sales are going to continue throughout the year.  I cannot emphasize enough that these records are all the original first pressing, thick and chunky, and have been play graded as well as sight graded, and they will all be in extraordinary condition.


 This is the Seventh installment of extraordinary records from the Leon Leavitt special collection that I was allowed to accumulate.

I am here listing the rarest and most sought after of all the original mono Blue Notes.  This is the ORIGINAL MONO DEEP GROOVE BLUE NOTE OF HANK MOBLEY:  BLUE NOTE 1568.  It is the DEEP GROOVE 47 West 63rd issue.  It has the ear in the dead vinyl.  It features Hank Mobley, Bill Hardman, Curtis Porter, Sonny Clark, Paul Chambers and Art Taylor.  The cover is ABSOLUTELY PRISTINE AND PERFECT, as if it has never been handled after leaving the factory.  The record looks UNPLAYED and plays flawlessly, and there are NO SPINDLE MARKS on the perfectly preserve labels.  The vinyl is thick and chunky, brilliantly shiny and flawless.  I went through 14 copies of this record at Leon's warehouse and this is the best of the best.  Best cover.  Best record.  Best copy  in existence.  It has been in my private collection for nearly 30 years and I am only selling it because I am moving to smaller quarters.  You will NEVER, EVER, find a better copy.

I will ship to USA or overseas.   Shipping in the USA will be $25.00..  Shipping overseas will depend on location and postal rates.  Payment must be made within three days of winning the auction by Paypal only.

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