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*OR $6 for international surface mail.

MULTIPLE ITEMS: It’s great if you find multiple items of mine. You will save $$ on shipping and I can ship you by whatever method you want BUT I need you to keep me posted on how long you want to wait before settling up for everything. Once the TEN DAY period is passed you may receive a late payment warning, please don’t panic, just remind me that there are still things you are waiting on to close.

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NOTE: This is a VINYL LP. It might be possible to get it into your CD player but it won’t be good for the LP or the CD player and whatever noises it may make will be entirely unexpected (and later issued as a box set on the kranky label under the name gods’s anise saliva or Peace Leopard Frequency or something. Don't buy it.).

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Thank you and my apologies to the 99.999% of you who already know all this stuff! OK.... 

Hank Garland Quintet Subtle Swing

US SESAC Recordings 19? (N-3901/3902) EX/EX copy in textured paste-on sleeve.

Nothing upsets preconceived minds like someone who successfully crosses over to another genre after he has been thoroughly pigeonholed by experts in a previous one. Such was Hank Garland, Nashville's busiest country guitar picker who, with little warning, made a superb jazz album in mid-career and seemed headed for jazz stardom until an auto accident left him unable to perform.

As a jazz performer, Garland had a fertile melodic and harmonic imagination and a sound that had apparently honed to the gospel of tone and attack according to Charlie Christian — with some Les Paul mixed in and more than a touch of Bud Powell's influence as well. But even on his country records (check out Red Foley's sublime "Midnight" and "Hearts of Stone"), Garland's urbane jazz and blues sensibilities can be felt.

Cowpens is a rural suburb of Spartanburg, SC, and while growing up there, Garland absorbed country music from Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith and Mother Maybelle Carter on the radio, eventually switching from banjo to guitar. He joined the Grand Ole Opry at 15 in 1945, signed with Decca in 1949 as a solo artist, and appeared on innumerable Nashville recording sessions while jamming privately in local clubs. In July 1960, Garland came forward as a jazz musician, organizing a combo that was scheduled to play the Newport Jazz Festival but found itself on the sidelines after riots closed the festival.

The following year, Garland's jazz debut on record, Jazz Winds From a New Direction, astonished both jazz and country circles, and a follow-up album, The Unforgettable Guitar of Hank Garland, was issued. But in September 1961, a near fatal auto accident robbed Garland of a good deal of his coordination and memory. Although he made attempts to perform again, he has been in retirement in South Carolina ever since.

This is an interesting package; the cover is a textured black, almost cloth, with the label name in gold (see picture) on the bottom half of the front. This was obviously the generic blank for all releases on the label, the specific info was contained in the half-sized wrap around paste on that covered the top half of the front & back cover.

We can sort of date the session by the line "The newcomer in the group is the sensational young vibist, Gary Burton...." Other players are Bill Pursell (piano), Bob Moore (bass) and Murrey Harman (or Doug Kirkham) (drums).



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