Fantastic Four I'm gonna live up to WLP Ric-Tic 119
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Fantastic Four I'm gonna live up to what she thinks/Girl have pity (Ric-Tic 119) Clean white label promo, clean vinyl, great looking labels.

Welcome to our 2008 soul 45 auction - about 1500 soul 45s will be offered starting today and continuing for the next 14 days, the equivalent of one white box every 1-2 days. Many of the 45s in this auction are unplayed vintage store and promotional stock, from a major Atlanta distributor which closed over 30 years ago but operated during the key years 1959 -1972. Of course these promo 45s were never sold or played, and so some of the rarest northern soul and funk records from the 60s are available to you now in exceptional condition as well as a sprinkling of 70s and modern soul 45s. We reserve the right to require that overseas packages be sent with tracking. Also we can de-warp your 45s. Contact us for details.

Condition: VG++ disc/ clean labels

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