Complete 10” Blue Note 5000 Series by Toshiba
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  • Complete 10” Blue Note 5000 Series by Toshiba

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In 1998 Toshiba (Japan) began a reissue series of the Blue Note 10” 5000 series. A year later they completed the series, selecting 50 titles, each sequentially numbered on the obi. For unknown reasons, they omitted seventeen titles: 5005, 5007, 5008, 5010, 5014-5017, 5019, 5031, 5046-5052, and 5061. This is the complete Toshiba series, 1-50, in MINT, unplayed condition, all with obis (except for 5022) and inserts. Toshiba issued the series in loose, open bags. However, major retailers (e.g. Tower) requested sealed copies, which accounts for the fact that 5004, 5009, 5012, 5021, 5025, and 5029 are sealed. In addition, Toshiba issued two titles – 5001 and 5017 – as bonus LPs, available only by submitting proof-of-purchase coupons that could be found on a lower right corner of the inserts. These two titles – included in this sale - were issued without an obi or insert, and are stamped ”NOT FOR SALE” on the bottom of the back. 5066 – 5070 have a slight curve at the top of the cover from storage, but the record is not affected. The 52 records are being sold as a set and will not be broken up. WE NOW ACCEPT PAYPAL. However, you can continue to pay directly to us using VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit cards, if you prefer.

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