Bob Dylan Mixed Up Confusion 45 Mint- Ultra RARE
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After searching my 45rpm single archives for this, I finally found it.  I couldn’t believe its condition:

mint on the ‘Corrina, Corrina’ side and mint- on the ‘Mixed Up Confusion’ side!  It's as rare as a Beatles' butcher cover!  As one can see in my hi res scans, the ‘two-eye’ Columbia orange label’s quite perfect with no writing, scarring, dents or center hole damage.  The most beautiful and perfect copy of this extrordinarily rare Bob Dylan 45 I’ve ever seen out for sale.  As of this writing, I’m not seeing one anywhere for sale.  I cannot recall exactly when I bought this circa 1964, but I believe there was some controversy about his doing ‘Mixed Up’.   I also think it was recorded mid-1962 and destined for the ‘Free Wheelin’ album (‘Corrina’ was on that album) and was left as an out take from that LP.  Eventually it was released as the single you see here.  I think the controversy was due to Mr.Dylan shifting into a new song style with a band consisting of electrified instruments, or some such.  I can remember playing it for my musician friends way back in ‘65 and they were all pleasantly surprised and I know I really liked it.  Anyway, I played it about six times or so on really good equipment at the time:  an Audio Empire 16" arm with a Pickering cartridge having a new diamond styus.  I was quite the hifi nut and took great care of my records in those days and still do.  The reason for me telling you that is to let you know that it should play as new.  There is the faintest 1/2" hairline scratch on the ‘Mixed’ side that can only be seen in strong reflected light and the ‘Corrina’ side is perfect. Both sides still present with that ‘new record sheen’ and the grooves are not ‘milky’ from playing with a worn stylus.  It is still perfectly flat and not the least bit warped.  It will be shipped in a ‘Broadcast’ heavy green paper sleeve (not shown).  Any little flecks appearing in the scans are dust on the scanner - I know, I know, clean the scanner glass, but it’s a new scanner and the dust is on the underside of the glass.  I have yet to figure out how to get to that side.  Anyway, this is a very rare opportunity to finally own this highly collectable Bob Dylan 45 in this condition.  I  seriously doubt there’s another one of this quality out there.  But here it is and this superb example can be yours if you win the bid!

Remember, this is out-of-print forever!

I am the sole and only owner of this 45 rpm Record.

Thanks For Looking and Good Luck Bidding!

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