Blues 45 rpm: ELMORE JAMES on Meteor 5003, E/E-
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Meteor 5003, Elmore James: "Sinful Women"/"Baby, What's Wrong", grade: E/E- (nice and clean)

(This is one of a group of blues 45s I'm offering. All are original 1950s pressings; no bootlegs or reissues.)

GRADING: "N-" means record has full shine, no wear, few signs of use; "E" means record has most of original shine, shows little wear, but signs of use: minor marks or scuffs, consistent with the grade (anything more consequential is noted specifically); "V" means obvious wear and use, little shine remaining, but should play satisfactorily (recorded sound clear; static and extraneous noise is present, but does not overwhelm); "G" means heavily worn, with static and extraneous noise impairing listening enjoyment; "F" and "P" mean very worn to excessively worn, with listening difficult to impossible. "+" (plus) or "-" (minus) is used to indicate a somewhat better or worse grade. "/" is used to indicate a split grade, e.g. G/V means that the first side is "G", the second side is "V". Defects such as cracks, digs, and edge chips are noted, but some minor scratches, scuffs, and marks not likely to affect play, and minor label damage and impairments, if not disfiguring, may not be noted for lower grade records, where consistent with the grade (anything more consequential will be noted). My grading is primarily visual. Where reference is made to the playing quality of a record, I have tested (partially played) or played it on an Audiotronics 300-E Classroom Record Player (except Edison discs, which are tested/played on a Dual 1209 turntable, using appropriate cartridge and stylus).

My photos may have blurriness, glare, reflections, and shadows, and/or poor centering. These photgraphic faults do not constitute or mask defects which I have not mentioned in my descriptions. LPs photographed in shrink or plastic wrap may appear particularly unappealing.

POSTAGE and insurance are charged at their estimated ACTUAL COSTS. Records are packed when auctions close (multiple wins are combined into a single parcel), resulting parcel is weighed, and postage and insurance are added to total of winnings. No extras, such as charges for "handling" or materials used, are added; and parcels are sent using the postal option chosen and paid for by buyers. I do not try to profit by mailing winners their items; any overcharge will be slight and unintentional, resulting from the inaccuracy of my scale. For more terms and information on grading, postage and payments (payment must be delivered to me within ten days, and note that I now accept PayPal):,POSTAGE,PAYMENTS.htm

OVERSEAS bidders are welcome, but should be aware of the possibility that, if winnings are one or two records of minimal value, the cost of mailing could exceed the value of the records. In such cases, winners will be expected to pay promptly. I will no longer accede to requests that records be held to be combined with future purchases, unless bids are pending on items currently running. Payment by PayPal is preferred. Money orders and drafts must be payable in U. S. dollars, and negotiable as an ordinary check (not subject to collections, discounts, or fees). Winners of several or more 78s should expect to pay substantial amounts for postage. There is also the possibility that parcels may be detained in customs, and subjected to inspection and assessment of duties. I use sturdy cardboard boxes (for 45s and LPs, as well as for 78s, where appropriate), and will not use lesser, inadequate packaging in order to reduce postage.


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