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The item you are bidding on is this weeks... "LP LEGENDS BUSTER", THE VERY SPECIAL, RARE AND VALUABLE 1963 SEALED copy of  BOB DYLAN: 


#CS 8786


The jacket is also in MINT condition.  

Some of my WONDERFUL customers are learning that in my offerings, most of the selections are "WHT. LABEL PROMOS". This is due to the fact that I spent 10 years in the music business. During which I would exchange and receive, albums from my contemporaries at other companies (it was a small group basically). These records would arrive sealed and for the most part, be promos.

Thus, I offer YOU both; albums that I played, (not sealed), and albums not played, (sealed). Nevertheless, they have a better than average chance of being WHT. LABEL PROMOS. Is this Dylan album a white label? I hope the potential winner of this auction lets us know.

I went to great lengths this past week to find out what I can about this particular album. I feel in making an offering of such magnitude, you deserve to know as much as possible. Monday last, through past contacts, I got a hold of Dylan's current manager, Don Devito. Through e-mail conversation and with the exchange of ALBUM COVER pictures (see attached, O' yes, I should mention here, even he got curious!), and with his contacts (Devito; "I'll have our legacy folks and other authorities check it out for me, they're the best connection we have") we learned some interesting information.

The following are the e-mails received regarding information learned (most recent listed first) from Devito's contacts that puts this in a more objective perspective: (keep in mind that the writers of these e-mails have not given me permission to make these public), so for privacy reasons their names and e-mail information are withheld. I WILL HOWEVER, SUPPLY THIS INFORMATION (IN IT'S ENTIRITY) TO THE POTENTIAL WINNING BIDDER. (On Dec. 9, 2005, at 9:28 AM Jeff Gxxx wrote):

Hi all,

Jeff Rxxxx forwarded me your emails about the rare Dylan "Freewheelin" album and since you all seemed interested, I thought I'd send along the story. In short:

-Dylan tried to perform "Talking John Birch Society Blues" on the Ed Sullivan show; Sullivan was fine with it but the CBS censors told him he couldn't --so he walked off the show.

-This song was on the original "Freewheelin" album; Dylan had continued writing, so a decision was made to pull this song and 3 others off the "Freewheelin" album (also pulled: "Solid Road" aka "Rocks & Gravel", "Ramblin Gamblin' Willie", "Let Me Die In My Footsteps.") They were replaced by "Girl From The North Country," "Masters of War," "Bob Dylan's Dream," and "Talkin' World War Three Blues." Clearly a wise decision. Dylan nor CBS ever commented on why the change was made, but I'd guess it was because he'd written two masterpieces since recording the album--so they changed the lineup.

-There was a mixup somewhere at some pressing plant with the masters/stampers, and a few--very very few--pressings with the first lineup mistakenly made it to the marketplace.   This is the rarest rock record in the world; in the 42 years since it was released, only two known stereo copies, and maybe a dozen mono copies have been discovered (luckily I have one.)  The stereo is worth about $40,000 and the mono $10-15,000.

-The two stereo copies found had the "rare" songs listed on the record labels.  The mono copies do not, so the only real way to tell which one you have is to play it, but it's extraordinarily unlikely that it's the rare one.  There were white label promo copies that list the rare songs on the labels but don't play them (and are rare but less desirable.)
-Forget the colors of the arrows, the rare record guides (which are often wrong) are talking about the color of the arrows on the record labels not the cover--but that doesn't tell you if you have one with the rare tracks.
-There are a bunch of label variations, but that's too boring for this audience, I'm sure.
Sorry you asked ?
all the best,
Jeff Gxxx

On Dec 8, 2005, at 2:49 PM, Jeff Rxxxx wrote:
columbia made a bunch of early versions that were withdrawn...i.e. the ones with ramblin gambin willie. if he would like to go to a collector he can try jeff gxxx
all the stuff with the colors got me confused! hope you and the family are doing well On Dec 8, 2005, at 1:36 PM, <> wrote:
Hey Jeff;


Now I'm curious.


Do you have any info???


From: Lxxxx Sxxx[] Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2005 1:17 PM To: Devito, Don, xxxxxx xxG Cc: Lxxxs, xxxxan xxxxxx xxG Subject: THE FREEWHEELIN' BOB DYLAN-WHICH ONE OF THE GOOD ONES!
<unknown.jpg><unknown.jpg> Photo E-mail

Play slideshow | Download images Dear Don,


Reachin' out to you for some advice!


I called a mutual friend, Stan Sxxxr, referred by Candy Moxxxo, and Stan asked me to get in touch with you...said you are the GURU when it comes to Dylan!


My name is Laxxxxxx Sxxxx, former employee of the record business, last position; Vice Pres/G.M. xxxxxx Records, 1977. Here's my challenge...I have a sealed copy of "THE FREEWHEELIN' BOB DYLAN" (1963) (PICTURES ATTACHED), AND NEED TO FIGURE OUT EXACTLY WHAT I'VE GOT! Goldmine RECORD ALBUM price guide, 4th edition, lists 9 different options relating to this 1963 version. The lowest price (worth) is $40.00 and the HIGHEST, $30,000! Each is given some factual data, example - "Canadian pressing with the deleted tracks listed on the front cover. The label lists, and the record plays, the "correct" tracks- $400.00." Another example - ""360 Sound Stereo" in black on label (no arrows); record plays, and label lists, "Let Me Die in My Footsteps", "Rocks and Gravel", "Talkin' John Birch Blues" and Gamblin' Willie's Dead Man's Hand." "No known stereo copies play these without listing them, but just in case, check the trail-off for the numbers "XSM-58719-1A" and "XSM-58720-1A". If the number after the dash is "2" or higher, it's the standard version - $30,000 (MY COPY LISTS NONE OF THESE TITLES, AT LEAST ON THE FRONT COVER. I'm trying not to break the seal so this becomes more difficult. Also, puzzling to me is that nowhere in these nine options does it mention 'STEREO "360 SOUND"' in BLUE lettering. Black is mentioned, but not blue!?! (MY COPY THE ARROWS ARE BLUE ON FRONT COVER) (see picture) One more example - "Guaranteed High Fidelity" on label; corrected version (record plays what label says) -$40.00. One more example - "360 Sound Stereo" in black on label (no arrows) -$50.00 Can you give me any insight! Or even what you think it could be? (by looking at the pictures), etc, by e-mail or phone,...if you need any more info. please, let me know what I can do. I appreciate your time. Looking forward to hearing from you, Warmest regards and happy Holidays! Lxxx Sxxx- 4xx-7xx-xxx2 (cell) P.S. How's the music business!?! Blue Arrows? Why are these titles diff. than the ones mentioned in Goldmine? Shows 1963 This MSN Photo E-mail slideshow will be available for 30 days. To share high quality pictures with your friends and family using MSN Photo E-mail, join MSN.



          Blowin' in the Wind

          Girl from the North Country 

          Masters of War

          Down the Highway

          Bob Dylan's Blues

          A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall


          Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

          Bob Dylan's Dream

          Oxford Town

          Talkin' World War III Blues

          Corrina, Corrina

           Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance

           I Shall Be Free

This LP is a LEGEND and in PRISTINE condition. It is VERY RARE and VALUABLE as it is a  SEALED LP. It would go great with any collection...DON'T LET THIS GEM GO AWAY!!! 



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