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The original FIRST UK (EMI) RELEASE, September 1970, of The Beatles  "RUBBER SOUL" album on lime green paper label cassette, with its original inlay.  Garrod and Lofthouse inlay. The shell has been divided and the interior refurbished. Little noticeable. However, apart from a very minor paper nick on one label side, it is in very good, nice condition - inlay, cassette itself and case. No writing, stains marks etc.  It plays perfectly.


There were many REissues of The Beatles albums during the lifetime of the cassette's popularity 1970 through to the mid 1990s. This item was the original first release, shortly after EMI opened its new tape duplicating facilities at Hayes, Middlesex in July 1970. TC-PCS-3075 on the inlay spine and lime green paper label. Black boxed EMI/Parlophone logo on label.

The first UK issue of "Rubber Soul" is identified by its "white" inlay, its lime green paper label,  the circular 1 7/8ths ips (inches per second tape speed) .The track listings were printed on the reverse of the inlay. Other Beatles cassettes advertised on the inlay flap.

The cassette cases ("Norelco" cases) were clear plastic at the front and around the spine area, and black plastic at the rear.

I also have first release Abbey Road cassette for sale at the moment.

With the introduction of Beatles CDs in 1987, and subsequently music in download form, Beatles cassettes are now history and collectible.

Posting both within the UK and worldwide. International delivery will be sent "signed for".

NOTE:  These first issue Beatles cassettes have a high scarcity value in the region of 7 - 9  (10 indicating that fewer than 20 copies are known to exist)

Since early cassette tapes were sold in much lower quantities than were vinyl albums, and since cassettes were typically not available at the same time as the LP (originally) - with the exception of Abbey Road and Let It be -   they tend to be very much rarer than their LP counterparts.

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