American Country Countdown Top 100 1986 Steve Earle Rosanne Cash Judds Statlers
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Welcome to another auction by Charis Music Group, serving AT40 fans for over a decade!! We love radio shows and figure you do too or else you wouldn't be looking here! If this isn't the show you're looking for, just write. We're your ONE-STOP connection for everything AT40 related.

Charis Music Group is glad to help parties interested in having their Casey Kasem AT40 or Casey's Top 40 sets listed. The majority of our listings are for sellers who cannot do this on their own. Interested sellers may contact us for details. This set is being sold for SL.

You are bidding on the multi-LP American Country Countdown for the Top 100 Country Hits of 1986 - Parts 1 & 2. Comes with remastered CD set of entire Top 100! These are the ORIGINAL, unedited shows with the artists ORIGINAL HITS - not the re-recorded versions that litter sites.

A fully remastered CD set for immediate listening is also included. If you're wondering why that's worth mentioning, we do all of the remastering of the Casey Kasem American Top 40 shows. We give these ACC shows the same full treatment and the CD set would be considered "broadcast ready."

Here's a link to the playlist

Be sure to check out the two great, authoritative books on AT40 by Rob Durkee and Pete Battistini! These books make great companions when listening to any AT40 show!! Thanks for looking and thanks for bidding! Don't hesitate to ask any questions!

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