78 RPM - Victor Symphony Orchestra with GEORGE GERSHWIN - An American In Paris

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Start Price: USD 150
End Date: 2015-05-07
Start Date: 2015-01-15

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78 RPM - Victor Symphony Orchestra with GEORGE GERSHWIN - An American In Paris

Record Size 12"
Speed 78 RPM

An American in Paris parts 1-4. 2 records Victor 35963 & 35964. Condition E-. Gershwin on piano. 12 inch discs.


All records are graded visually and aurally. Records may need to be cleaned. Records are guaranteed to be in the condition stated. If there is a problem, please contact me and we will resolve it.

Grading Scale

N-   Looks to be new. If played, you couldn't tell.

E+   Fantastic copy. No wear, marks or scuffs. May have been played a few times and well taken care of.

E     Excellent. Still no wear, shows signs of handling, but nothing major. No marks or scuffs.

E-    A shade under Excellent. Starting to see a small amount of groove wear and handling. Not bad still plays great.

V+   Starting to see groove wear and definite signs of use. Still an acceptable copy, plays fine with no problems. Better than average record.

V     Groove wear and signs of use definitely present. Record will play through with no problems. You will notice surface noise (possibly). Light scratches and or scuffs possible but will not affect play unless noted. No stressed grooves.

V-    Record is worn. Record will still play through. You will have definite surface noise and possible stressed grooves. Scratches and digs will be present, but will track ok if not noted.


Payment is to be made by paypal. Do not send payment until I have sent you an invoice with the total for the record and shipping.


Records will be shipped after payment is made. All records shipped by United States Post Office. Rates are as follows: $6.98 for the first record and .50 cents for each additional records. Shipments outside the continental U.S. will be quoted.             


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