'71 MADRIGAL Acid Garage Psych Velvet Underground BEAST
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                                             USA - PRIVATE PRESS - ARB 136



The Illustrious magical mystical MADRIGAL has been offered on eBay, maybe only a time or two, at the most...

One of thee elite world class private press psych albums, vastly unknown and only rumored to exist ...numbers say between 50 and 100 copies were produced and most of them were never distributed, meaning very very few collectors have the 1971 album by MADRIGAL ...and that includes even the most well known psych collectors in the universe...

SO, what we have here is the LAST copy from the band, last chance on the horizon, as rare as they come, holy grail item, ***STILL SEALED*** ... The album is not only a super rarity but contains the ingrediants and 'right sound' that drives psych/prog and garage collectors nuts ...

Madrigal is one of the top magical super rarities shouted out on the bull horn by the likes of Acid Archives, Fuzz Acid And Flowers, Pokora, and...The Active God ...

What's on this album?

Drenched in charming "lo-fi" basement/garage production that you find on many of the rare beasts from the past, recorded at "U.C. STUDIOS" (which stands remarkably for "upstairs closet" ...The main Madrigal cat is shown on the front cover smoking a marijuana 'joint.' SO, the obviously stoned MADRIGAL hippie crew deliver a most unusual and compelling album utilizing mainly electric and acoustic guitar weavings, electronic theremin, bass, vocals effects and a primitive drum machine (sounding more like hand drums) providing trancy  rhythms on the original songs. This old percussion unit is made by Maestro. The tracks are dominated by accoustic and electric guitar & heavily reverbed vocals -- divided into two distinct flavors including cool way-out psych garage jams that will appeal to the freaks out there and much more widely accessible folkpsych melodics, which should appeal to many.  

Fans of the long tracks on the first two Velvet Underground albums should find tracks here with similar feel and vibe...

The allbum opens with an attention getting affair, "Excursion" filled to the gills with wildly controlled screaming distortion feedback-laden guitar (ala CA Quintet) and may also immediately remind of Jimi Hendrix...  going right into the apex of highs in the 13 minute "STONED FREAKOUT" comprising of eerie atmosphere drenched flipped-out electronic waves by the theremin (made famous by Lothar And The Hand People), and peppered by drugged-out background whoops, screams and jungle native voices. A weird primitive groove of the best kind...see early Velvet Underground...   

Other tracks on album are made up of guitar structured folkpsych grooves that have an almost catchy pop edge basically done with just voice, guitar and drum machine -- quite good, and as bad as drum machines can be, something about this primitive machine only adds to the lonely lost highway feel that often reflects the same vibe The Index had on their album. The two vocalists are very, very good which certainly enhance the songs. "Ballad," is especially eerie, so quiet that you can barely hear the singing. Most importantly, MADRIGAL is one of those albums that sounds absolutely like nothing else, which means quite a few out there will fall in love with it. Considering its rarity and 4 figure $ valued price tag, the only other recently known "used"  copy sold for $2700+ -- so hopefully it will be reissued so that one person won't go broke trying to find (or buy) it.

1 Excursion  = 2:20
2 Stoned Freakout = 12:56
3 The Ballad = 2:56
4 Places = 3:41
5 Tambula = 8:42
6 Fallen Tree = 4:15
7 Where You Going = 3:20
8 B.B's Finale = 2:48


CONDITION: STILL SEALED... never opened in nearly 40 years...impossibly rare like this, the homemade pasted on front and back covers were done by the band, and not a slick maufacturing company so you get the expected ripples (a little on the front, more so on back), but hey these guys were stoned, hippie psych musicians, and not record production specialists, so it's all part of the charm...all copies were said to be similar...otherwise near perfect in terns of having 4 sharp corners, flat and square with no bends, no split seams, no writing...a marvel of the times...(see the photos!)   

 MADRIGAL ... 1971 acid psych garage Private Press Holy Grail ...

      A cool addition to anyone's music library!


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All imperfections are noted both cover & record

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