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Artist Release Name Cat.No. Label Format Year Country
Starlight BoyzStarlight EP  DP-001Disco Praline12", EP2006Belgium
Orange Shading StarlightOrange Shading Starlight  W 011W DabliuLP2007Italy
Starlight ConspiracyBig Beautiful Drive-in / Starlight  CAT-008Catapult Records7", 45 RPM, Single1996US
VariousStarlight Winter Ep Vol. 1  STE 01Starlight12", EP2008Italy
Starlight Girls7x3  noneStarlight Girls7"2013US
Starlight (12)Starlight  HEDL 5620HeadsLP, Album1983South Africa
Starlight RockersStand By Your Man  SLD 543Starlight Records12", 45 RPM, SingleUK
The Starlight Gospel SingersSo Much To Be Thankful Of  503015XNot On Label (The Starlight Gospel Singers Self Released)LP, Album
Alexandra And The Starlight BandAlexandra And The Starlight Band  noneNot On Label7", EP, Limited Edition, Numbered2012US
Alexandra And The Starlight BandAlexandra And The Starlight Band  noneNot On Label7", EP, Limited Edition, Numbered2012US
VariousStarlight Winter Ep Vol. 2  STE02Starlight12", EP2008Italy
The Starlight StringsThe Starlight Strings Play Unforgettable Songs of Love  MFP 1216Music For PleasureLP, Album, Mono1967UK
Billy StarlightHere, In Person, Starlight Sings 4 You  CRT-7-EP-011Crest Record Co7", 45 RPM, EP1962Australia
Starlight RitualStarlight Ritual  UP033Underground Power RecordsLP, EP, Limited Edition2016Germany
Starlight RitualStarlight Ritual  UP033Underground Power RecordsLP, EP, Limited Edition2016Germany
LaidStarlight City EP  FIJI004-6Fiji Recordings12", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM2000US
Model 500Starlight  M024Metroplex12", 45 RPM1995US
The TimewriterLet's Keep Our Love Going / Starlight Night  PLAC 029-6Plastic City12", 33 ⅓ RPM1996Germany
Rocco & HeistCloser To Heaven / Starlight  BANG003Firework Recordings UK12", Promo, 45 RPM2000UK
Mark N-R-GStarlight  SUPERSTITION 2127Superstition12", 45 RPM2001Europe
DesiderioStarlight  BLU 010 TCode Blue12", 45 RPM2000UK
Mani HoffmanStarlight  74321 830 301Disques Vogue12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM2001Europe
Mani HoffmanStarlight  ISOM 53TIndependiente12"2001UK
DesiderioStarlight  SAM 00263Code Blue12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo2000UK
3 To The PowerStarlight Express  IMX011IMIX12"2002US
The Supermen LoversStarlight (Derrick L. Carter Mixes)  SMLX2Independiente12", Promo2001UK
Mark N-R-GStarlight  SUK 012Superstition UK12"2001UK
The Supermen LoversStarlight  SMLX1Independiente12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo2001UK
John StarlightThe Visitor  LASERGUN 12Lasergun12"2001Germany
KimeraStarlight / Eyes Open  KHZ003Killahertz12", 45 RPM2002Canada
John StarlightBlood Angels  SUPER DJ 2059Superstar Recordings12"2002Germany
The RiddlerStarlight / Jazzed / Electronic Moods  SB010Shoebox12"1998UK
Tony De VitTo The Limit / Starlight  BANG 1TX:Plode Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1995UK
Loop CircuitSound On Sound  ☆ 14Starlight Furniture Co.LP, Limited Edition, Numbered, Remastered2001US
Risqué (2)Starlight / The Girls Are Back In Town  MP-317Importe/12 Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Maxi-Single1982US
VelocetteSonorities By Starlight  REF LP8ReflectiveLP, Album1996US
StarlightNumero Uno  CBE 1242City Beat12", 45 RPM1989UK
John StarlightZauberstab Der Liebe  TELE-02Television Records12", 45 RPM2002Germany
JetsonStarlight  FRT 003Frenetic12"2000Netherlands
DesiderioStarlight  FOUR 40124 Fingers12", 33 ⅓ RPM2000Netherlands
John StarlightZauberstab Der Liebe  SUPER DJ 2072Superstar Recordings12", 45 RPM2003Germany
Janice TaylorSweet Thing / Starlight  NEP20New Essential Platinum12", 33 ⅓ RPM1998UK
G-Netic (2)Starlight & The New Odyssey  TWO -5The World Of Obsession Recordings12", 33 ⅓ RPM1997UK
DesiderioStarlight  PHE1402Phenom12"2003Netherlands
The Supermen LoversStarlight  74321 89950 1BMG12", 33 ⅓ RPM2001Europe
Dougal & GammerCan You Hear Me / Starlight  BABY20Raver Baby12"2003UK
StarlightNumero Uno  BCM 12328BCM Records12", 45 RPM1989Germany
Risqué (2)Starlight  2050 758Polydor7"1982Netherlands
StarlightNumero Uno  12T-20118Sonet12"1989Sweden
Classified ProjectStarlight Chaser  Alien034Alien Recordings12", 45 RPM2003Netherlands
Camp ClimaxMissy's Starlight  CAMP 001Not On Label12", Single Sided, Unofficial Release, 45 RPM2003UK
Tony De VitStarlight  PWL 005PWL International12"1995UK
John BeltranCandela / Starlight Memories  UR12139Ubiquity12", 33 ⅓ RPM2003US
The Supermen LoversStarlight  TIME 241TIME (2)12"2001Italy
Decaer PingaTubular Bells  *19Starlight Furniture Co.LP, Limited Edition2003US
(In Spite Of Flaming Creatures)Vitamin Buckfast  ★15Starlight Furniture Co.LP, Limited Edition2002US
John StarlightRip It!  Tele-07LPTelevision RecordsLP2003Germany
John StarlightHoly Vol 2  TELE-09Television Records12"2004Germany
Nery BauerDiana By Starlight  floz1001Fluid Ounce10", 33 ⅓ RPM2004UK
Allegory Chapel Ltd.Live At The Starlight Furniture Company  CHS-1Charnel Music7", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Numbered1992US
The Supermen LoversStarlight (Remixes)  74321 87741 1Disques Vogue12"2001France
OrchidGalactic Railroad / Starlight  HOPE 050Hope Recordings12"2004UK
JetsonStarlight (The Remixes)  CVR006Captivating Red12"2001Netherlands
The Supermen Lovers10 Starlight In 01  CHEEKY BEACH 1Not On Label12", 45 RPM, Unofficial Release2001UK
Sharone (2)Starlight  1C 060-2 03038 6EMI Electrola12"1988Germany
DJ SonicStarlight  LAFESSE007Lafessé Records12"2000France
Tony De VitStarlight / To The Limit  BANG 1DJX:Plode Records12", Promo, 33 ⅓ RPM1995UK
StarlightNumero Uno  CBE 742City Beat7", 45 RPM, Single1989Benelux
RubusStarlight / Future Past  CRI 5004City Rollaz Inc.12"2000UK
Glands Of External SecretionDemonstrate Congo Bob's Epic Saliva Torture  STAR-1Starlight Furniture Co.7", Single Sided, Etched1992US
John StarlightJohn's Addiction Pt. 1  UKW 01UKW12", 45 RPM, Single Sided, Limited Edition2005Germany
John StarlightJohn's Addiction  Tele-21Television Records12"2005Germany
StarlightNumero Uno (Remix)  GGM 8907Groove Groove Melody12"1989Italy
Sunaga T ExperienceTimes 24h By Starlight  AOR-007Afters Or Records12"2001Japan
StarlightNumero Uno  OUT 31.56Out12", 45 RPM1988Italy
Les VoleursStarlight  SCHIFF LV 001Not On Label12"2004UK
Classified ProjectStarlight Chaser  MND012Mondo Records12"2004UK
Sparkle (5)Love By Starlight  UN 3002Universe Records (2)12", 33 ⅓ RPM1988US
Della ReeseDella By Starlight  LPM-2204RCA VictorLP, Album, Mono1960US
Dee D. JacksonMoonlight Starlight  6.20411TELDEC12"1985Germany
John StarlightFresh  Tele-23Television Records12"2005Germany
The Supermen LoversStarlight  KD51940Lafessé Records12"2001France
StarlightNumero Uno  VOZ 054Virgin7"1989Australia
Brian HagemanTwin Smooth Snouts  ★5Starlight Furniture Co.LP, Album1995US
John StarlightShadowbreaker  BNR04Boysnoize Records12", 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM2005Germany
The Supermen LoversStarlight  LAFESSE007Lafessé Records12"2001France
Lee RanaldoBroken Circle  STAR2Starlight Furniture Co.7"1994US
StarlightNumero Uno  VG2149-ZVirgin12"1989Greece
Lauren GreyStarlight  TGR-1005Dice Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM1986US
Stephanie MillsWhat Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin' / Starlight  TC-240320th Century Fox Records7", 45 RPM1979US
John StarlightDeep Down  TELE-027Television Records12", 45 RPM2005Germany
Prince JammyDub Landing Vol: 2  SLDLP 903Starlight RecordsLP, Album1982UK
The Three DegreesStarlight  AROD 228Ariola12"1980UK & Ireland
MontevideoStarlight  1C 060-2 03690 6EMI Electrola12", Maxi-Single, 45 RPM1989Germany
StarlightNumero Uno  VOZT 054Virgin12", 45 RPM1989Australia
VariousNever Fear The Unfearable  BF-9Starlight Furniture Co.7", 45 RPM, EP, Compilation1994US
ScientistDub Landing  SLD 901Starlight RecordsLP1981UK
StarlightNumero Uno (Remix)  BCM 14328BCM Records12"1989Germany
StarlightNumero Uno  876 271-1Vertigo12"1989Canada
Suzi QuatroI've Never Been In Love / Starlight Lady  1C 008-63 786RAK7", Single, 45 RPM1980Germany
KayakStarlight Dancer  6360 856VertigoLP, Album1977Netherlands
My Cat Is An AlienIl Segno  *20Starlight Furniture Co.LP2000US
EscortStarlight  ESCRT-001Escort Records12"2006US
Dave RodgersThe Race Is Over / Dancing In The Starlight / Shake / I Want To Feel  VEJT-89148Avex Trax12", 33 ⅓ RPM2003Japan
KayakStarlight Dancer  JXS 7034Janus RecordsLP, Compilation1977US
StarlightNumero Uno  80488City Beat12"1989France
MuseStarlight  5101-16551-7Warner Bros. Records7", Picture Disc, Single2006UK
Andy Scott (2)Where D'Ya Go / Lady Starlight  RCA 2929RCA Victor7", Single, 45 RPM1975Germany
Dee D. JacksonMoonlight Starlight  RRMX 170Ros Record12", 33 ⅓ RPM1984Italy
Risqué (2)Starlight  2141 536Polydor12", EP, 45 RPM1982Netherlands
Sparkle (5)Love By Starlight (The Remix)  UN 3003Universe Records (2)12", 33 ⅓ RPM1988US
Jia DavisCadillac Music / Experienced / Starlight  F5R015F5 Records12"2004US
Koral (2)Forever More  STAR 652Starlight Records (2)12", 33 ⅓ RPM1995Italy
Natural VibesLife Hard A Yard  SDLP 907Starlight RecordsLP1982UK
StarlightNumero Uno  90555City Beat7"1989France
Unknown ArtistStarlight / My Way  FUVM007Fuck U Very Much12", Unofficial Release2007
Starlight BoyzLove Crusader EP  DP-002Disco Praline12", EP2007Belgium
Starlight (4)Space Love  OUT 3877Out12", 45 RPM1997Italy
ZazuCaptain Starlight  600 016Hansa International12", 45 RPM1979Germany
Dee D. JacksonMoonlight Starlight  MRCX 1237Mega Records12", 45 RPM1985Denmark
Desmond Popsy BenupDubbing In The UK  SLDLP 902Starlight RecordsLP1981UK
Model 500Starlight  echospace004echospace [detroit]12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition2007UK, Europe & US
Rocco & HeistCloser To Heaven / Starlight  HUG12002Hug Records (2)12", 45 RPM2000UK
MagdalenaLive To Tell  STAR 654Starlight Records (2)12", 33 ⅓ RPM1996Italy
Petr KotvaldMá Holka Střízlivá / Starlight Girl  11 0526-7 311Supraphon7"1991Czechoslovakia
The Frank Barber OrchestraLike I Do / Starlight, Starbright  R 1306Ronnex Records7", Single1962Belgium
Sally MoranDo You Have It?  STAR 653Starlight Records (2)12", 33 ⅓ RPM1995Italy
HyenaStarlight  LED 2017LED Records12", 45 RPM1993Italy
Alpha-VisionJust Too Funky  STAR 651Starlight Records (2)12", 33 ⅓ RPM1995Italy
Christopher HowellIntroduces Excerpts From Music For The Starlight Hours  RD MSH 742/6SReader's Digest7", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided, SamplerUK
Index (12)Starlight  SHACK 128Record Shack Records12", 45 RPM1981UK
MuseStarlight  SM-BOOT 005Sismic Music12", Unofficial Release, Limited Edition2006France
Model 500Starlight  M024Metroplex45 RPM, 12", Limited Edition1995US
ProjectionsThe Return Of Starlight  PERMVAC 014-1Permanent Vacation12", 45 RPM2007Germany
Rebel CrewToolz, Dubz & Remixes  strx-001Starlight Beats And Breaks12", Promo2005US
John StarlightBloodangels  SUPER DJ 2059Superstar Recordings12", Promo2002Germany
Model 500Starlight  echospace004echospace [detroit]12", Test Pressing2007US
VariousStarlight Melodies  ADE G 137ArcadeLP, Album, Compilation1981Germany
André Previn And His OrchestraStarlight Piano  HS 11207Harmony (4)LP, Album, StereoUS
Claudia BradleyStarlight Express - Die Höhepunkte Der Deutschen Aufführung Mit Dem Bochumer Ensemble  511 154-1PolydorLP, Album1991Europe
Model 500Starlight  M-024Metroplex12", Promo, White Label1995US
Mark N-R-GStarlight  Superstition 2127Superstition12", 45 RPM, Test Pressing, Promo2001Germany
Edison (4)Starlight  DARK 01Not On Label12", White Label, Single Sided, Unofficial Release2007UK
Mark N-R-GStarlight  SB-2001-013Superstition Benelux12"2001Belgium
Starlight (3)To The Beat  DO IT 45-01Do It Yourself Entertainment12"2001Italy
Model 500Starlight  echospace004echospace [detroit]12", Limited Edition2007US
John HortonKom Terug  9003Starlight (3)7", SingleBelgium
Starlight (6)If I Had Money  ITM 121940In The Mix12", 45 RPM, Maxi-Single1986France
Devon IrieSweet Talk  SLD 527Starlight Records12"UK
ZazuCaptain Starlight  100 270Hansa International7", 45 RPM, Single1979Germany
StarlightNumero Uno  BCM 07328BCM Records7", 45 RPM, Single1989Germany, Austria, & Switzerland
John StarlightRoad Rage  ukw oo9UKW12", Single Sided, Promo2008Germany
Starlight (6)If I Had Money  SOHO(T) 68Record Shack Records12", 45 RPM, Maxi-Single1986UK
Rebel CrewFiebre De Manuel Mambo  strx-002Starlight Beats And Breaks12"2008US
The MonkeesOriginal Formula  SL 87027Starlight Records (3)LP, Unofficial Release1989US
Charlie Parker With StringsStella By Starlight  11089Mercury10", 78 RPM1952US
The Supermen LoversStarlight  MAXFILTH013Max Filth12", Unofficial Release, Single Sided, White Label2008UK
Starlight (6)If I Had Money  MIX 301.018Top Tape12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single1986Brazil
John StarlightBlood Angels  SUPER DJ 2059Superstar Recordings12", Repress2007Germany
Starlight (6)If I Had Money  ITM 1940In The Mix7"1986France
Dag BrandthOne Night Love / Starlight  SRS 105Sharatima Records7", Single, 45 RPM1988Norway
Model 500Starlight  echospace 313LEechospace [detroit]12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition2008US
BCBSad Movies / Movie Rock  SLD 500Starlight Records12", PromoUK
Katri HelenaI Will Follow Starlight / Spring Is Around The Corner  6198 252Philips7"1979Scandinavia
John StarlightRoad Rage  COR12"053Cocoon Recordings12", 45 RPM2008Germany
Trinity (4)If You Should Lose Me  SLD 502Starlight Records12"1979UK
Ken BootheLady With The Starlight  TOR 35Torpedo7", 45 RPM, Single1975UK
ProjectionsThe Astral Projections Of Starlight  PERMVAC 030-1Permanent VacationLP, Album2008Germany
Cornell CampbellBoxing  SDLP 908Starlight RecordsLP, Album1982UK
The SkatalitesStarlight / Sealing Dub  FAST10EP07Motion Records (2)10", EP2001UK
Disorder (3)First Ever London Show Starlight Rooms, West Hampstead. 12/7/82  ROTTEN 2Not On Label (Disorder (3))LP, Album, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release2002UK
MontevideoStarlight  1C 006-2 03690 7EMI Electrola7", 45 RPM, Single1989Germany
VelocetteSonorities By Starlight  REF LP8ReflectiveLP, Album, Promo, White Label1996UK
ProjectionsAbsynth / The Return Of Starlight  PERMVAC 028-1Permanent Vacation12", 45 RPM2008Germany
Wayne WadeMy Little Lover / Round The World  SLD 515Starlight Records12", 45 RPM1981UK
P81986  ST008Starlight12"2009Italy
Daniel In The Lions DenDancing In The Sun  SLD 908Starlight Records7"UK
Dee D. JacksonMoonlight Starlight  RRNP 69Ros Record7"1984Italy
HabitStarlight  VST 1171Virgin12"1989UK
The ProjekSweet Thing / Starlight  NEP20New Essential Platinum12", 33 ⅓ RPM, White Label, Promo1998UK
Gaston BrissonSoleil / Starlight Lover  KDM-9059Kébec-Disc7", 45 RPM, PromoCanada
MuseStarlight (Remix)  HWS 001Not On Label12", Unofficial Release, White Label, 33 ⅓ RPM2006UK
SenyaNatural Woman  SLD 514Starlight Records12"1981UK
StarlightNumero Uno  VIC-365Vemsa12"1989Spain
Nina MartineOff Stage E.P.  STE03Starlight12", EP2009Italy
Frank ZanderCaptain Starlight / Pilli Willi (Der Telefonanist)  100 284Der Andere Song7", Single, 45 RPM1979Germany
Lord SassafrassThe Horse Man Connection  SDLP 911Starlight RecordsLP1982UK
Wayne SmithWater Pumping / Music On My Mind  DH 830Starlight Records12"1983UK
NetskyStarlight / Young And Foolish  ALLSORTS013Allsorts12", 45 RPM, Promo2009UK
NetskyStarlight / Young And Foolish  ALLSORTS013Allsorts12", 45 RPM2009UK
Trevor WaltersBaby I've Been Missing You  SLD 544Starlight Records12", 45 RPMUK
Reign (8)Witness To The Future  noneStarlight Recording Co7", 45 RPMAustralia
Gold NuggetsCountry Christmas  SREP 004Starlight Recording Co7", 45 RPM, EPAustralia
King Earl Boogie BandStarlight  12 462 ATPye Records7", Single1972Germany
Amilcare PonchielliStarlight Encores, Dance Of The Hours  FAP 4 - 8296Capitol Records7", 33 ⅓ RPMBelgium
Dee D. JacksonMoonlight Starlight  MRCS 2037Mega Records7"1985Denmark
Suzi QuatroShe's In Love With You / Starlight Lady  RS 1014RSO7", Single, 45 RPM1979US
Tatjana Hitrina's Happy WanderersTatjana Hitrina's Happy Wanderers  noneStarlight Recording Co10", 33 ⅓ RPMAustralia
George GershwinGershwin By Starlight  SP 8581Capitol RecordsLP, StereoFrance
Pop Stars (3)Starlight  64.006Delphine7", 45 RPM, Single1974France

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