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 Psychedelic  group from LEBANON,  were exist  only from 1966 to 1968 and released only four trax, all are here, 

i found the man to blame !!!

ISMAEIL from Jaffa, today 60s old, told me he was working at PAX label, the label released that ep in Israel only, told me he received the matrix records from England with label says "please release the new  record of THE SEEDS ', the funny / tragic eror became an history in Israel recordings studio  bible.

the eror never repeat on any other label,  the record released in 100 copies (they could do 100/200/500/1000, so they choose the lowest quantity, after listening to that WIERD sound....

the man gave me two copies, one for me as the greatest collector in Israel, and one for you to give  him some funds (6 children, u know) swore in God that only 20 left the label and the rest were distroyed

in the past there were only 5 copies on Ebay, if i remember well, all of them arrived to the people who were involve in the making of it, producer from England and member from the original band.

the ep is PAX ISEP 2024, 1967. tracks are UNDECIDEDLY, CAUSE I DO CARE, THANX A LOT, BETTER, LOVED, all sung in English. beat/ garage/ psychedelic, it is MONO

Until today i can't tell if they were Jewish or Arabs from Lebanon:RAY HADDAD was the bass man and vocals, wrote songs, AL AZOURI sung, played the cool dark guitar and composed trax, JOEY did the rythm guitar and vocals, ZAD was the drummer.

item is in great condition, EX for cover, MINT, UNPLAYED VINYL

item is for 10 days to let u see images (listed this one i received only few hours ago and was hot to list it even my scanner is too full to creat new images), it is private cos my previous buyers of it were private, i'm not asking what they are doing with it, reselling or just try to keep all copies exist

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