Judas Iscariot – Heaven in Flames LP black metal EAL
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Cold and raw black metal, you know how it is. Traditional and old black metal. Released by EAL, limited and handnumbered, this is #63/200. Gatefold cover in excellent condition, vinyl in NM. Comes with a flyer.


Payment methods accepted: Paypal within 5 days, EU money transfer from those who can (this should be arranged immediately, as it will take at least 5 days to clear). If these timelines are not met, and you have not contacted me to make other arrangements, I will post a non-paying bidder alert.

The postage costs are ridiculous, I know, but this is because of the weak exchange ratio between euros and the us dollar. (100 usd is about 70 euros)

Postage costs: LP $11 in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Europe, $17 for the rest of the world. Double lp postage costs: $17 in Europe, $30 for the rest of the world. 7” $4 Europe, $7 for the rest of the world.  Shirt postage costs: $5 in Europe, $7 for the rest of the world. I will combine shipping!

I am selling a huge record and demo collection for a friend. These are some of the rarest items around, and it is unlikely you will see many of such collections for sale, ever.

First up are the vinyls, 7”, 10” and 12”. I will list the demos (around 200 of them) at a later date. These will include original demo(n)s from Arckanum, Ildjarn, Mayhem (deathcrush), Deathspell Omega, Graveland, Vlad Tepes, Mutiilation, Malign, Moonblood,  Clandestine Blaze, Emperor, many of the Blazebirth hall bands, etc etc.

About the grading of the actual vinyls. I went through each and every one of these, and looked them through in detail. If I say Mint, it has most likely never been listened to, and has no marks what so ever, if I say near mint, it has probably been listened to several times, but still has no marks, a little dust if anything. Excellent will have some very minor marks, that will not affect playback at all... Very good, well, there are no vinyls in VG condition, all are excellent or above.

Grading the covers. Mint is as new, no marks, bends, creasing, nothing! Near mint might have a very, very small bend or a single tiny crease. Excellent might have a little ringwear and some creasing. Very good might have ringwear, some creasing, and the actual vinyl will most likely have punched through one or more of the sides causing a tear. However, all in all, a VG cover is still rather good (and there are only a few of them in this whole lot!). You should check the pictures and see for yourself.

Some keywords; katharsis, drakkar, end all life,  burzum, emperor, enslaved, gorgoroth, beherit, black metal, demo, sombre, darkthrone, blasphemy

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