Furtwangler: Beethoven Eroica on Urania - SUPER-RARE

End Price: USD 1000
Start Price: USD 1000
End Date: 2014-01-16
Start Date: 2013-05-06

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Number of bids: 1
Country: USA
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Furtwangler: Beethoven Eroica on Urania - SUPER-RARE

Here is one of the three rarest Furtwangler LPs; Urania URLP 7095, of the Beethoven Eroica with Vienna Philharmonic.  Supressed shortly after issue when Urania was sued, it was released after the conductor's death.   The performance has been released many times since, but this is the original, supposed to be off pitch.  Listed in Canfield 2000 at $600, it is in superb condition as is the jacket.  Red label..  Sent by registered mail.

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