Chopin Zimerman DGG Sealed Never Opened
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  What Stated Condition Means    

Our condition ratings are done visually, thus if there is something we missed visually, or if there is something a visual inspection could not have foreseen, let us know and we will make it right.


There are times when we test play a record, if we do so we will note the results in the comments section. We also use the comment section when we feel there is need to call items to your attention. Please read all comments before bidding so you will have a full understanding of the condition of the record and any other information that we feel is important enough to put in writing.


Sealed:  Nothing to say, it is as it came from the manufacturer and we can make no comment since it has never been opened


Mint:  As perfect as you can get after it has been opened, but not absolutely perfect because the second you open a record it is no longer perfect.  Most mint records have been played sparingly, or played with great care on sophisticated systems and show no obvious signs of use, some appear never to have been played, but might nonetheless have a hint of surface noise hidden among the quieter passages


Near Mint:  No distracting flaws on the jacket, no scratches, nicks on the record surface. There can be some light scuffing from the sleeve but it will have no effect on the playing or the sound quality. There might be an occasional piece of background noise, but not consistent or frequent


Excellent:  Clean jacket with some wear, clean bright record surface with some light scratches or sleeve scuffs  that do not make their presence known during playing, some light surface noise.


Very Good:  A frequently played record. Surface will show signs of use that are much more obvious and in greater number than an excellent grade, such as very light scratches /hairlines and sleeve scuffing. The jacket will be fairly clean but will show signs of having been handled, though not roughly. There is more surface noise than on those graded excellent.


Good:  We limit the listing of records in this condition to only those that are rare enough to be desirable even if slightly abused. This is the same thing that happens in the world of stamps. Something rare may often not be available in the better grades, or might be priced to high for inclusion in a collection that has financial boundaries. Records in this condition will be listenable but will have enough surface wear to have that wear make inroads into the overall sound of the record. When a record is graded as good we do not accept returns

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