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Zyklome A : Made In Belgium LP  Orig + insert KBD

Zyklome A : Made In <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Belgium Lp ( Punk etc. 1984)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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Just like I wrote for the split with Moral Demolition …… A masterpiece in Hardcore !!!!!  This is daily vitamin for me , like daily bread for my ears !!!! No hardcore collection can be without it !!!!


Since I am quite lazy , I copied a nice disco-bio- story on Zyklome A :

1 mistake though …. Their home town was NOT Mechelen, but Bonheiden ,…have to admit very near Mechelen,.. just so you all know


Zyklome A started out in the summer of 1981 when Toon, Bie and Markus decided to do something useful with their time and start a band. The main reason why they started a band was that they saw a lot of punk bands which showed them that they didnt to be a good musician to get up on stage. They started was a 4 piece band, Bie already had a drum kit. So he became their drummer, Toon bought a guitar as did Marc. But didnt think it would work out with 2 guitars. Mac took the mike and became the singer, while Toon made the guitar his instrument; they only needed a bass to be a real band, Audrey (a girl Markus knew from school) joined the band. It didnt really work out so Marc took over on bass. Audrey only played one gig with Zyklome A in their hometown Mechelen.
In their early days they were a musical disaster, after playing a few gigs. They gained some popularity. After a while they met up with Dirk Michiels from Punk Etc. records. Who told them he was interested in putting a few songs on his second Belgian Hardcore/Punk compilation tape "Second Time Around". So for the first time they went to a real studio to make a few of their songs eternal. After the tape was released they started to get a lot of gigs mostly in Antwerp/Turnhout area. Although they came from Mechelen, Antwerp became kind of a hometown for them, since they played there almost every month. They became good friends with Moral Demolition, another local band that played similar Hardcore. They made a split EP with them called "Repression" which was released in 1983. The following year, they met up with Punk Etc again and went back into the studio and record songs which would end up on the "Made in Belgium" LP released in 1984. After that release, Zyklome A had made a name for themselves in the Netherlands, did a lot of gigs over there, and became with friends with BGK, Lärm, and Pandemonium. They appeared on a memorable festival near Amsterdam with Blitzkrieg, BGK, Crucifix, and MDC.
Zyklome A had so many gig lined up, that they didnt have enough time to make new songs. But managed to record 3 songs for a Punk Etc. compilation album "Alle 24 Goed" released in 1985 which featured Capital Scum, War Risk 3, Koyaanisquatsi, Vortex, Wulpse, and Varkens. At a certain point of being the nr.1 Hardcore band in Belgium. Before they even got bored with the band, Toon was kind of deserting the army and had to leave the country, which just happened just after a legendary gig in Blankenberge. They only did one more gig a few months later and they called it quits. Three years later in 1988, they did a final reunion gig in Antwerp



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