World In Shreds Box 1-5 Jawbreaker Crimpshrine Special Forces Moral Crux Undead
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WORLD IN SHREDS BOX SET (under 40 made, OOP impossible find)  The World's In Shreds: Volume 1                                       Tracklist ?A1Gail & The Fudgepackers  – Head In A Bag A2Bo – The Wonder Of You B1Crimpshrine – Pick Up The Pieces B2Special Forces–

Blitzkrieg Bop

   The World's In Shreds: Volume 2                                       Tracklist ?Crimpshrine – Pretty Mess Jawbreaker – Shield Your Eyes Moral Crux – Pathos A Priori –

Schoolkids (Live)

 The World's In Shreds: Volume 3                                      Tracklist ?S.A.D. Boyz – Shut Up And Drink 2:54 Capitol Punishment– Liquor Store 2:42 Slut Viny  – Welfare Junkies 2:03 Plaid Retina– What We're Not 1:05 Kondom-Natio  – Random Contamination 1:18 Abducted Children – Life 1:35  The World's In Shreds • Volume Four                                     Tracklist ?Sticks And Stones – The Lot Separate Peace – Need Parasites – Never Give Up On You The Undead  – The Way We Behave P.E.D. – I Am The Sam A Priori – Too Much To Hope For  The World's In Shreds • Volume Five                                     Tracklist ?


Ice Fan –

Broken Image



Dryrot   –

Push And Pull



Krupted Peasant Farmerz   –

Invasion Of The Snailz

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