Vintage Records 60s and 70s + Drum and Bugle Corp

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Box of Vintage Records from the 50s,60s and 70s.

Mixed Music: Drum and Buggle Corp., gospel, etc.

List of Records in the box:

Jo Stafford, You Belong to Me and Mantillas

P.Del Grosso, Turtle Bay (Polka), Val-Taro Musette

Voice of the Corps Series, Midwest 1969 - Troopers, Cavaliers, Kilties, and VanGuard

The Association, Insight Out

Ballard of the Green Berets & Songs of America's Fighting Men sung by Roger Dewey

Bugles Up!, Blessed Sacrament, Chicago Cavaliers, St. Kevin's and Garfield Cadets 1960

American Legion Nationals 1967 Drum and Bugle Corps. Vol 1, Connecticut Hurricanes, Rochester Crusaders, Hawthorne Caballerso, Syrcuse Brigadiers.

1964 World Open Vol 3 Drum and Bugle Corps Champions

The V.F.W Nationals at Big "D", The Cotton Bowl, Dallas Texas, August 18, 1971, Volume 1 & 2 & 3

Troopers, Casper, Wyoming 1970 contains two records with pictures of the troop

Echoes of the Past, A 10th Anniversary Special Album - Drum Corps News

AL Hirt and His Band

SRO Herb Alpert & Tijana Brass

American Legion National Championships, Washington DC Aug 28 1966

Glenn Miller and his Orchestra, The Nearness of You 1967

Persuasive Percussion 1966. 2 albums

Les & Larry Elgart, Play the Great Dance Hits

Sound Off, Archer-Epler Musketeers Drum & Bugle Corps and Pittsburgh Rockets Drum & Bugle Corps

Ahmad Jamal Trio At The Pershing, But Not For Me. 1958

Midwest 1970, Vol 1, Troopers, Blue Stars, Vanguard, and Kilties

Johnny Reb & Billy Yank sing Songs of the War between the States. A Ballad of the North and South

Play the Guitar by George Barnes and Bob Mersey

Meet Andre Kostelanetz, Music's Leading Man

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass !!Going Places!!

Songs in the Night, Baylor University Religious Hour Choir

Count Your Blessings, The White Sisters

Faith, Jane Froman

The Sacred Music of Frank Boggs with the Don Hustad Chorale

Thundertones of Praise, Ronnie Avalone

The Lord's My Sheperd, Bill Pearie sings with the Concert Orchestra of London

I Have a Song, Jack Holcomb

My Song, Dick Anthony

The Dave Bruberck Quartet, Time Further Out

Having a Wonderful Time, Wish you would hear...

Drum and Bugle Corps. Skokie Indians

Midwest Melodies, Chicago Cavaliers and Madison Scouts 1960

The Boys of Syracuse featuring the Syracuse Brigadiers and the Fabulous Crusaders

Dick Anthony and Bill Pearce






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