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On offer here is one of the rarest & most unusual Velvet Underground items to ever be offered for sale on ebay, or anywhere else.  Of the many scarce items related to the Velvet Undergrounds brief era with the VERVE  & MGM labels, as well as with Andy Warhols Factory, several have attained legendary status.  And have appeared for sale in the marketplace on occasion. Various posters, records, acetates, media materials, books & similar items have been offered for sale over the years, many truly rare and wonderful.  Amongst the very rarest VU related items is the legendary MGM Music Factory promotional 2LP.  While the records & cue sheets are extemely rare, and almost impossible to acquire, what is little known, and, to the best of my knowledge, has never been documented, is the fact that the MGM LP also included, in addition to the vinyl & cue sheets, a promotional photo of Lou Reed, John Cale and Tom Wilson. To which was attached , on the rear of the photo, a descriptive insert that detailed the particulars of the content of the promo record, and background information relating to the radio show and the participants in this particular program. This photo served as the only known visual documentation of the recording session that resulted in the interviews contained on the two discs.  In essence, the photo is the cover to this LP, as it is the only graphic to accompany the record.  This item was acquired in the early 1980's from a former record company executive.  It is guaranteed to be 100% ORIGINAL.  This is NOT a reprint or copy.  It is a 41+ year old original photo measuring 7.9" x 9.7".  The photo is in very good condition, as can be seen from the various scans that accompany this auction.  The third, edited picture details the only noticable flaws that I can find, these being a minor 1 1/2" inch crease in the very top right corner, almost all of which is in the photo's margin, and NOT in the picture itself.  It DOES NOT intrude on the photo of Lou Reed at all.  There are three small blemishes on John Cale's jacket, which I have attempted to highlight in the third picture.  They are just below, and to the right of Tom Wilsons hand, and may well be able to be removed.  There is also a minor bit of wrinkling, visible only if the picture is tilted to the light, that appears to be as a result of the promo insert page having been glued to the back of the picture.  This does not reveal itself when the photo is looked at directly, only if it is tilted to a certain angle.  The promo biographical / background informational page is in excellent condition, clean, white, unblemished. As can be seen from scans 4 & 5 the sheet makes specific reference to the Music Factory LP.  It is folded to fit behind the picture.  Photo six of the scans I have included shows how this was done.  It is 100% the way this was originally included in the LP.  This may well be the rarest item of VELVET UNDERGROUND promotional material in existence.  It was not included in the recent NYC Velvet Underground exhibition.  it is not listed in an book, catalog or website that I am aware of.  This ORIGINAL item may well be unique, and the only copy in existence.  5+ copies of the ATP sleeve are known to exist, 10+ of the MGM interview 45 w/ sleeve are likely to exist, Index, Aspen & various acetate recordings have all been offered for sale on ebay & elsewhere. TRIP,  MOD WEDDING, BTP,  etc... posters all turn up for sale on occasion.  This photo complete with the radio DJ programming insert attached, has never, as best I can determine, been offered for sale.  Here is a perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire this fantastic official, record company produced Velvet Underground artifact.  If anyone were so lucky as to have a copy of the MUSIC FACTORY LP, this item would be essential to complete the package.  This item will only be sent to the winner by EXPRESS MAIL service, whether shipped within the USA or Internationally. Postage charged at cost. Insurance for USA is optional, I do not believe that insurance is available for International shipments.  Item will be extremely well packaged for shipping. Please do not pay until I have contacted you to confirm shipping details & costs. Any questions please ask.

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