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UNKLE 'When The Night Falls' Rare Exclusive 12" complete set of six signed by all three artists James Lavelle, Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton - Limited to only 100 of each Edition

This auction is for a complete set (6) of the extremely limited UNKLE Vinyl Factory collaboration to celebrate the work of acclaimed photographers Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton. It’s worth noting that ‘The Runaway’ is sold out and with a limited run of only 100 for each edition it will not be too long before the rest follow suit.

The set is functional art work so you can frame the cover to preserve and enjoy the artwork and you will have full protection for your two 12” vinyl with the inner sleeves and the protective PVC sleeve that comes with each edition.

The item will likely remain active as part of the Vinyl Factory site for archival purposes - In order to view the original listing go to the Vinyl Factory site then click on the 'Limited Editions' menu then click on 'Artist Editions'* and scroll through the pages until you see The Heretics' Gate to view the product.

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Product Details:

The Vinyl Factory and Daydreaming with... are proud to present 'When The Night Falls', a stunning new super limited vinyl and art collaboration between UNKLE and acclaimed photographers Warren Du Preez and Nick Thonrton Jones.

Limited to 100 copies worldwide, this edition has been crafted in celebration of first solo show by Warren & Nick, who have previously collaborated with Bjork, Massive Attack and Alexander McQueen and shown at Haunch of Venison and Fondation Cartier, which takes place at the new Vinyl Factory gallery in Chelsea, London.

Hand numbered and signed by James Lavelle, Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, each edition includes:

* Bespoke gold or silver screen printed cover artwork, using specially treated ink to enusre each edition is a unique art piece.
* One gold and one silver 180-gram heavyweight vinyl record, containing music by UNKLE including exclusive versions and remixes.

* Protective PVC outer casing.

Tracklisting for each release:


Follow Me Down (Gold screen printed artwork – 56 of 100)


Vinyl 1

A1. Follow Me Down (4.23)

A2. Follow Me Down, Dave Sitek Mix (4.23)

AA. In My Mind (4.45)

Vinyl 2
A1. Natural Selection (4.10)
A2. Natural Selection, The Horrors Mix (7.25)
AA. Money And Run (5.17)


Joy Factory (Silver screen printed artwork – 78 of 100)


Vinyl 1

A. Joy Factory (3.59)

AA. The Dog Is Black (5.04)


Vinyl 2

A1. The Answer (4.40)

A2. The Answer, Trentmoller Mix (5.50)

AA. Only The Lonely, Dub (4.25)


On A Wire (Gold screen printed artwork – 44 of 100)


Vinyl 1

A. On A Wire (4.52)

AA. Wash The Love Away (5.13)


Vinyl 2

A. Falling Stars (5.48)

AA. Sunday Song (6.47)


Caged Bird (Silver screen printed artwork – 95 of 100)


Vinyl 1

A. Caged Bird (5.08)

AA. With You In My Head (5.12)


Vinyl 2

A. Ablivion (4.29)

AA. Country Tune (5.17)


The Runaway (Gold screen printed artwork – 89 of 100)


Vinyl 1

A. The Runaway (3.45)

AA. Not A Sound (5.16)


Vinyl 2

A. Everest (4.20)

AA. The Healing (4.27)


When The Lights Go Out (Silver screen printed artwork – 81 of 100)


Vinyl 1

A1. Heavy Drug, Reprise (6.44)

A2. Heavy Drug, FBA Remix (8.25)

AA. When The Lights Go Out (5.37)


Vinyl 2

A. Another Night Out (5.12)

AA. Every Single Prayer (5.14)

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