ULBRICH-QUARTETT Mozart String Quintett KV515/614 ETERNA 826069 STEREO ED1
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ULBRICH-QUARTETT Mozart String Quintett KV515/614 ETERNA 826069

As the size of my record collection goes beyond the amount that I can listen to, some LPs will be presented here for your interests. These are second-hand records, therefore they will carry more or less certain noise, which cannot be compared with CDs for full silent background. Please bear it in your mind when purchasing LPs. 

Before placing your order, please read through all the information in the following descriptions to be sure your full understanding about the LP content, grading system, postage and handling cost, payment methods etc..  

Please make no payment after your purchase before receiving my final invoice. Thank you for your cooperation!     

ITEM INFO       

  • Title: Mozart Steichquintett C-dur KV515/ Es-dur KV614        
  • Performer(s): ULBRICH-QUARTETT/ Joachim ULLBRICHT, Viola II        
  • Release: ETERNA 826069, Black/Silver label STEREO ED1, made in Germany in 1970.        
  • Condition (LP/ Cover): VG to NM-, (a short hairline scratch on the 2nd side, otherwise few light handling hairlines or marks, a rarely played copy in nice condition. The playback test of the 2nd side shows occasional slight background noise or tics, besides about 20 light repetitive tics due to the short scratch, overall very fine condition.)/ VG+ to NM-, (small repaired tear at the open side, slight age wear).        
  • Comments: The LP has been cleaned with HANNL ELB Eco professional record cleaner. The aural examination was performed with a HiFi system consists of EMT 930st turntable + EMT 139st b original phono amplifier + EMT JSD 6 pickup + Gryphon Diablo integrated amplifier + Dynaudio C1 Platinum bookshelf speakers.        


LP grading is based  on visual evaluation under 100W direct spotlight if no aural examination mentioned; Details can be found in the above "ITEM INFO"section of each LP.

  • MINT    Only used for sealed and unopened records (which may of course  have pressing defects, as they are not accessible by visual checking);
  • NM    Visually near perfect, no scuffs or scratches, but may have very few ultralight hairlines or inner sleeve marks, supposed to be inaudible; LP might have barely audible surface noise (depending on date and pressing).  The cover or box is almost perfect;
  • NM-    A few light marks, hairlines or fingernail scuffs etc., supposed to be barely or only slightly noticeable during the playback; LP might have some slightly audible surface noise (depending on date and pressing).   The cover or box usually has minor defects such as slight creases, or light ring-wear;
  • VG+    A bit more accumulated handling traces or superficial marks, which may occasionally give some tics but no serious scuffs or scratches; the record should be played without distortion or serious problems. Surface noise may be slightly apparent but not overwhelming above the music.  The cover or box may have  some obvious defects such as edge wear, small tear, discoloration or laminate  peel etc.;
  • VG    Besides the accumulated handling traces or superficial marks as mentioned in VG+ condition, minor heavy marks, scuffs or scratches may exist, which will give some noticeable surface noise or a series of repetitive tics. Overall the record should be still enjoyable to listen to.  The cover or box may have damages such as edge splits or larger laminate peel or tear etc.;           
  • G    Several heavy marks, scuffs or scratches, which will give a longer period of repetitive tics or higher level background noise. Groove wear might be an issue as well.  The cover or box may have splits, prominent wear or tears. 

In general, records in lower than VG condition are not offered, unless they are with certain collecting value or with high rarity properties.



LP will be stored in  a new inner sleeve, while the old one (if available) will be kept inside the record cover. For safe shipment, protective bubble wrap (or similar materials) and sturdy packing solutions (cardboard & hard carton box, etc.)will be applied.    

Within 3 days after payment, LP will be shipped from GERMANY, therefore $4 postage is not realistic for global delivery. The exact postage to various destinations (including registration/tracking & handling cost) is as the following: 
Destination (Weight in KG)<0.50.5~11~2










The payment is expected within 5 days unless notifying me in advance.
Paypal and Cash at pickup are valid payment methods. If you prefer to local pickup, please arrange the appropriate date to meet together. 

ATTENTION: 5% extra Paypal cost will be added in the final price if Paypal payment method is used.


These LPs are sold in order to downsize my record collection, therefore it is considered as a private offer with no commercial obligations. According to E.U. laws, there will be no guarantee after the transaction, also no returns.


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