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Suck: "Time To Suck" 1971, South Africa/Parlophone PCSJ (D) 12074. Disc is in amazing EX to M- shape, the labels have a few spindle marks but the vinyl looks barely touched! Textured gatefold cover has no obvious wear or soiling, no splits, this gets a M- grade! TOP COPY of this ultra-rare bonecrusher from South Africa! On the rare occasions that this LP turns up for sale it's hammered beyond hope, so this is a real miracle. But don't believe me, call all your friends in South Africa right now and ask them, "I say old chap, might you possibly provide me with a Suck? I need a Suck quite desperately! I can pay you handsomely for a top quality Suck!" and see what happens. I guarantee they'll hang up on you! All kidding aside, there's no way to upgrade this one, it's practically like new! Amazing drugged-out heavy guitar psych band sounds like Light Of Darkness, or maybe Writing On The Wall with no keyboards. I would venture to guess that this is the meanest, rawest hard rock LP ever issued in Africa. This behemoth has the same doomy atmosphere as the Freedoms Children albums and in fact it was produced by Freedoms Children's producer Clive Calder, and also their guitarist Julian Laxton! And now, m'Lords... I do propose that it is Time To Suck!

Look below for a picture or two of the actual item up for auction.

All my records are guaranteed. I try to grade strictly enough to please all potential bidders and will note any found flaws with the disc or cover specifically. If you need any more information, feel free to e-mail me at iamthewitch at earthlink.net.

I pack/ship once a week, usually on Friday. I use sturdy cardboard boxes designed for shipping records, and I remove the disc from the cover to prevent seam splits during shipment.

IF YOU ARE IN THE USA: I can ship this LP by Media Mail for $4.00, or by Priority Mail for $7.00. If you want the box to be signed for at your end, add $2.30 for a $100 insurance tag.

IF YOU ARE IN CANADA: I can ship this LP to you by Airmail for $7.00.

IF YOU ARE IN MEXICO: I can ship this LP to you by Airmail for $9.00.

IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA: I can ship this LP to you by Airmail for $14.50.

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