The C.A. Quintet - TRIP THRU HELL - ORIGINAL SEALED ALBUM - Candy Floss label
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This is an original Trip Thru Hell album by the C.A. Quintet

It is still sealed,  never  played 

Written and recorded in 1968  released in 1969

I am going to be 68 this month and as we recorded this album in 1968, I thought that a couple of "68s" sounded about right.

I put a reserve on this. But I am sure someone will figure it out.

I have two sealed albums left (soon to have one)

As you can see the edge of the seal is almost off . I guess that is why they call it shrink wrap. It shrinks. It will be up to the new owner to either finish opening it or not. It is their call.

It is amazing that the shrink wrap held up this well for 45 years of being moved around. However, I always was very careful to store my records well and this is in the same condition it was in in 1969.

I may sell the other sealed album if at some point in the future if it looks like the shrink wrap won't make it much longer. Otherwise I am not sure what I will do with it.

When the C.A. Quintet  played our last performance in 1971, none of us thought anyone would ever be interested in our music again.

I want to thank all of you music lovers out there that brought this album "back to life" in the 1970s and kept it going over the decades until now through word of mouth.

For me personally, selling C.A. Quintet items on eBay over the years has brought me many new friends from all over the world. That is surely one of the best benefits of doing this. There are no borders when it comes to music.

On behalf of all the people that contributed to this album, we thank you and are glad that  you enjoyed the music. I especially want to dedicate this occasion to the late Doug Reynolds and Tom Pohling...  without them, the music on this album just would not have happened.

As a bidder you must have an eBay history of at least 2 positive transactions to bid on this. I don't think it is fair for"o" rated bidders to bid against serious bidders with a good honest track record.  

I am going to continue to list some other C.A. Quintet items/records this summer. No sense having them end up in a garage/estate sale. 

And when they are gone... they are gone. The same goes for me.  

Someone asked..  If I had forgotten about creating the DVD about the band ... I am working on it... I should be able to finish it this winter... and it will contain more than you would want to know about the group. There will even be some never heard of music on it...For example I even have a recording of us working out the parts to Trip Thru Hell in the basement of my parents house. 

If you have any questions you can email me through eBay or go to our web-site and reach me.

Again thank you all and good luck !

Ken Erwin "The Captain" (of a ship that sails only in his mind)

On Aug-13-14 at 09:12:38 PDT, seller added the following information:

 Just a quick note.. Someone asked if this is the last item I am selling this summer. The answer is no. It is the only original album I will be selling. But, I will continue selling a limited number of sets of the Live Albums as well as some other things.


On Aug-14-14 at 09:17:02 PDT, seller added the following information:

 I realize it is unfair to the people bidding outside the U.S. so I will pickup the shipping charge for anywhere up to $40 also I will pay the insurance.. we are going to want to ship this the best safest way we can. I am adding this note as a result of a question from Europe

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