The Beatles SGT PEPPER vinyl LP w/cutouts near Mint

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The Beatles SGT PEPPER vinyl LP w/cutouts near Mint

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The Beatles SGT PEPPER vinyl LP w/cutouts near Mint!

 The Beatles SGT PEPPER vinyl LP w/cutouts in near Mint condition for collectors and other vinyl lovers.

   The label is Capitol Records with a thin rainbow band around it.  It is stamped  SMAS- 2653 and just below it, in parentheses, (SMAS-X-2-2653).   The sleve or inner liner has a pinkish cloud-like design on it and BPE 12-1 printed on the edge.

The album itself is in near-mint condition and appears to have been rarely played.  No scratches, smudges, or marks of any kind.  There is no evidence of extended play in the inside hole. 

The controversial cover (whole blogs written on the occult symbolism) is in really good condition, with only a small bit of wear to the corners and a 3-inch split on the top seam of the front flap. 

The Cutout Page insert is in excellent condition.    It has the following cut-outs: 1. Moustache 2. Picture Card  3. Stripes  4. Badges  5. Stand up.    On the bottom right are the printed signatures of Peter Blake and Jann Haworth , whom I assume are the artists. See photo #5. 

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