Tavares Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel Promo Disco 12
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This is an original 12" single vinyl record, not a Cd, or DVD.  It is guaranteed original, not a re-issue.




This classic vinyl pressing is from my personal collection. I was a New York City nightclub DJ from 1972 through 1988, and I am auctioning off most of my classic record collection for others to enjoy.  

Since I was at the beginning of the emergence of the disco era,  these records have lots of history to them.  This record was never in a record store being manhandled by hundreds, if not thousands of careless people.  The only other caring fingerprints on this record could have been from other professional DJ / artists of my time such as:  the legendary Walter Gibbons (DJ remixer) Jim Burgess (DJ / Producer / Remixer) Ray F. Caviano ( RFC Records / Producer) Eddie Rivera (International Disco Record Center) Jenny Costa (WKTU guest DJ), David Mancuso (The Loft at 99 Prince St. / Record Pool) or David Morales (For The Record / Def Jam / Producer / Songwriter / Remixer).   If this record could talk!

All of my auctioned records are in excellent condition, and can be programmed in clubs today, to the likeness of quality they had "back in the day"  otherwise they will not be listed.  

Capitol Records

SPRO 8382   (Circa 1976)

The full unedited version of...

"Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel"



Produced by Freddie Perren


Not for Sale


Carefully played original pressing.   Vinyl is in near mint condition.  (I only call records mint if they are still in shrink-wrap and unopened, which doesn't mean they are flawless.)  Since allmost all 12" promotional copies produced in that era didn't come in shrink wrap, this eliminates my category of "mint" for DJ copies.  This record has virtually no "crackling" or slight "pops" in the dead wax area.  This is highly unusual for a 30 year old record, not to mention all the hiss, and cracking I hear in brand new store-bought vinyl.  Remember...we're dealing in vinyl...something that lasts for all eternity...not like tapes or CD's where their musical content "vaporizes" after 100 years.  

 VINYL CONDITION    Goldmine Standards: Near Mint.   This record has been played.....but...it is fresh and clean.  Bright luster.  Just a couple of very slight paper scrapes (does not affect play whatsoever), no skips, no crackeling or pops, no noise, no distortion, no label wear or fading, kept in a smoke free well ventilated, dehumidified, air-conditioned pest-free, pet-free environment for decades.  This record plays in immaculate condition.  

Cover Condition:   Plain cover with paper sleeve is in excellent condition.   This record is highly demanded .  One of the major reasons is that it was very popular before "Saturday Night Fever" and pre Studio-54.  This is one of the BIGGEST songs to come out of the '70's, and defined the shape of dance music for decades to come.  Fabulous harmonies, brilliant melodies, and simple...but well stated lyrics that you can sing too.  A classic is forever!  

.This promo copy was given to only a selected group of top Club DJ's, like myself, 30 years ago.  This classic production from Freddie Perren is all out class!   This was a highly collectable record when it was originally released, and went for a hefty price then.  Now you can have the opportunity to own this piece of musical history! 

The label "NOT FOR SALE" proudly states on the top, that this is no ordinary record.  This ultra-rare Promo record is one of the first pressings made, loud and clear, for DJ's only, played only once or twice at some of the top clubs in NYC.

This actual record caused thousands to scream, sing, dance and dream to.

So bid wisely on this great piece of musical history.  It can easily become the headliner in your impressive collection, like it was for me.

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