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ONEADAYRECORDS – Simply Delivering Quality Music to the World in Quality, Safe Packing.

Postage: UK £4.75 (£1 per extra record). Europe (including Russia) £12.50 (£2 per extra record). Rest of World (including ALL parts of the USA) £16.50 (£3 per extra record). All boxes signed for in quality, safe packaging – I NEVER use mailing envelopes that offer virtually no protection at all, and records WILL arrive damaged in them at some time as most record buyers will already know. Here, you get what you pay for – SAFE PACKING in BOXES using 7mm DOUBLE-WALL STIFFENERS including full side protection and bubble wrap, the records removed from the covers of course. All this very safe packing means I lose money on every box I post, but safe delivery is, and will always be paramount. You WILL see the difference when my packet arrives. Also, I will pay for insurance on any record that sells for over £100 at NO extra cost – that is UK and abroad. Also I aim to post the very same day after payment is received if possible.

Posting to Russia: Yes, I do post to Russia. But delivery can take up to 4 to 6 weeks from the UK. So please be patient. I will submit a tracking number to the winning bidder, and when the packet arrives there it can be followed online using the Russian post website.

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FINALLY: Late payers, non-payers and ‘0’ bidders will now be blocked or cancelled at my discretion. As will any bidder who cancels a bid. I do not like this practice as it is most often used to phish out the price to beat. Ebay does not approve and neither do I – so only bid on my items if you want them.


Album Title: DoA … The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle

Producer(s): Throbbing Gristle


Side 1: IBM; Hit by a Rock; United; Valley of the Shadow of Death; Dead on Arrival; Weeping.

Side 2: Hamburger Lady; Hometime; AB/7A; E-Coli; Deaththreats; Walls of Sound; Blood on the Floor.

Label/Format: Industrial with matt, smooth surfaces.

Label Conditions: Both very clean, fresh and attractive with barely any spindle traces at all, this elusive industrial classic appears hardly played.

Catalogue Number: IR 0004

Mode / Speed: Stereo / 33.3 rpm.

Warps: Assume all records I offer have no warping of any significance and all tracking is easy and effortless and should play on all turntables and even ‘budget’ decks.

Weight of this Record: 155 grams. An exceptional weight for this original first pressing.

Country of Manufacture: England

Rarity: Scarce as a first Industrial pressing. An album that has been repressed in different versions and labels over time. A very limited number of originals included two post cards – 1000 is a number mentioned, but these are rarely seen or offered. This copy INCLUDES them, and both pieces are guarantee original. One is a creepy black and white picture of a girl. The other is the 1979 calendar, I decided to cover up more ‘sensitive’ areas. The album was only initially pressed in small numbers due the lack of any commercial potential, these initial runs quickly disappeared. The post cards are the only ones I have ever seen or had. This copy purchased new by one owner who even retained the original shop receipt that is dated 18-12-78 as-seen – ultimate proof, if any where needed – this is an ultimate first issue and amongst the earliest ever pressed.

Original Year of Release: December 1978

Matrix Nos: IR + 0004 + A / IR + 0004 + B

Musicians: Genesis P-Orridge – vocals, bass guitar, violin, effects; Cosey Fanni Tutti – lead guitar, effects, tape, production; Chris Carter – synthesiser, electronics, tape, production; Peter Christopherson – tape, electronics.

Brief Artist & Album Info: Emerging from Manchester around the same time as punk rock, this uncompromising band’s music was far more revolutionary. They made a sound like no other at this time, or probably since. Their ‘music’ was very angry, even ugly, it was designed to counterpoint the squalor and cruelty they saw in late-20th century city life. Very uncommercial with minimal sales potential, the number of records pressed reflected in the number they probably expected to sell, although they were later repressed in the same small numbers. They were largely derided or ignored by the music press at the time. Airplay was practically zero, even John Peel did not play their music, and he was never afraid to promote the obscure. They only made three studio/partial albums, this being the second, although their catalogue is considerable as they recorded all their live gigs. Their ‘official’ output, as stated is very limited, rarely seen and highly collectable and sort-after with now a wave of interest in their music. Cosey Fanni Tutti even recently featured on interview on BBC radio. Initially ignored, but with reassessment of their music and sound – most consider them them founders of the Industrial Scene – their albums are prized and sort-after. ‘DoA’ (as the title suggests), is intensely dark and at times scary and makes for uncomfortable listening. ‘Hamburger Lady’ is without doubt the most disturbing song I have ever heard – that remains the case since I first heard it in 1980 to this very day. Now this may all sound totally unlistenable for readers of this listing, but I would totally disagree – this groundbreaking quartet had something to say and did not hold back. They had their ideas about the bad things in life and simply put them to music. Even good friends could hardly believe I bought their albums back in the day, maybe I heard something few others were even prepared to even try?

Their live work was far more severe with levels of intensity that few other bands or artists ever matched, chaos often reined – their sound deliberately confrontational, full-on and controversial with disturbing imagery, including pornography and concentration camps. As stated, over time, their music has been re-evaluated and far more appreciated – that hardly unusual for those who dared to be different at the time. Clearly they are not for the faint hearted, it was never meant to be – it has been described as “a nauseating masterpiece, and an essential recording”. Their follow-up ‘20 Jazz Funk Greats’ (also on offer), proved slightly more accessible but still light-years from the mainstream. Indeed both albums are often included within lists of essential albums to be heard – groundbreaking and uncompromising. For those with an ear to listen, Throbbing Gristle had a message, but it was never pretty or easy. This a superb genuine first issue with those ultra rare post cards, finding this complete is very challenging indeed, most people I have mentioned this one to admitted they had never seen the post cards before. The shop receipt add still further to its history.

Cover Grade and Format: EXCELLENT(++): a single unlaminated format with coated quite shiny surfaces. Printed and made in England, includes the plain white inner sleeve and the two GENUINE original post cards.

Cover Front: Superb, a light rub on the bottom fold, but small, any creasing little and light near the edges, any other blemishes minimal and faint with no sticker issues to the coated surface.

Cover Back: Largely the same minus the small fold rub. Fine and light rim impression being critical, but this side comes to reminding of new. Both front and back will prove immensely difficult to find better.

Top Edge: Straight with barely any wear.

Bottom Edge: A little gentle rubbing on the front fold, but little else to fault.

Right Edge(s), and Type: Clean, sharp with barely any thickening. Record enters on this edge that is guaranteed untrimmed or enhanced.

Spine and Text: A superb spine to match the rest. Solid, straight with no compression. The text is fully present with no wear as-seen. All areas of the cover have avoided fading including this.

Corners: Any tip rubbing tiny and light (bottom right) with better than excellent shape retained. No knocks or dinks.

Cover Summary: Covers from this era are generally less resilient to wear, but this scarce Industrial original is fantastic and mostly cover-protected since purchase. This is rarely seen, let alone in this condition, it should please most collectors.

The Cards: NEAR MINT: the 1979 calendar and post card are both superb and guaranteed 100% original and genuine. Very limited and few even surface now, both have print each side and have quite matt surfaces with no creasing, any handling traces minimal and faint. I deliberately covered the sensitive areas of the calendar, the black and white picture of the girl is somewhat creepy – but with this band – is that any real surprise?

The Inner Sleeve: EXCELLENT(++): a basic plain white unlined inner with two crisp undamaged window circles, hardly creased with all edges unsplit with no repairs. Any discolouration or ageing to the paper negligible.

The Retailer Till Receipt: EXCELLENT: not sure if I have graded a till receipt before, but I consider this important as the date of purchase is clearly seen 18-12-78 (18th December 1978), quite likely the day of issue, the price being £3.99. With this album being repressed at different times, this is small, but important piece of paper as far as I am concerned.

Vinyl Condition/Visual Grading: EXCELLENT(++): a superb visual copy that is very clean with equally fine shine and heavily pressed (especially for a record of this era). A copy with minimal plays on all the evidence with any surface trace marks very light and faint as seen critically under bright angled light. No penetrating stylus scratches and when viewed in average room light, little even registers. Visually a lovely record that should please many, if not most collectors again.

Album Played For Grading: Yes. [I play ALL records I offer before submitting to Ebay, also the record is played in its entirety unless clearly stated otherwise. I do NOT play snippets or joining grooves to check for sound quality and quietness – I play from the beginning to end via clinically revealing B&W speakers that include the legendary tweeter from their awesome Nautilus range that reveals every blemish or minuscule sound present on any record.]

Sound Quality and Audio Grading: This rare industrial music classic plays even above it’s high visual grading with hardly anything of note to fault. Offering strong, distortion-free sound, all frequencies are sharp and clear – sound quality is very high with a wide dynamic range and very detailed sound. Being a new independent label, pressing quality is never assured, but any surface sounds are minimal indeed and this is an exceptional clean pressing with no tracking issues*. The term groundbreaking more than applies to this uncompromising album, this is unsettling and full-on, and even now, nearly 40 years after issue, its impact is undiminished. Few will outperform this geuine first pressing I feel sure. Both channels are clean and sharp, I am certain this record has been played only lightly – evidence suggest hardly at all – and has been very well stored and carefully handled. I state again, this is uncompromising, uncommercial, very dark and uncomfortable listening – no one else covered taboos quite like Throbbing Gristle and this is not a record for everyone. The song titles give an insight of what to expect. Nothing spoilt the listening experience on play-grade, and this is the first one of these I have had for ages, and the very first with both original cards. It will prove immensely difficult to find like this, and complete, it merits my highest recommendation if this genre of entertainment is for you.

* As played-graded on a high-end Linn LP12 Sondek turntable with Ittok Mk II arm and Ortofon Quintet Black moving coil cartridge tracking at 2.2 grams. Records are a ‘contact’ format, and few will avoid the odd minor sound blemish.

Now one of the most established sellers on Ebay and still offering the finest and most accurately described and graded records I can find. I pride myself on offering a variety of genres to keep my site as interesting as possible. I will rarely offer any record that falls below a true Excellent grading, unless its of a certain rarity which will justify offering a lesser grade. I try, to the best of my ability to describe as accurately and as honesty as I can all items I offer for sale with all the relevant information I can think of to help any potential bidder and collector. You may notice I only submit records sparingly on Ebay as I Play-Grade every record I offer in their entirety – also on higher-end equipment – not just bits to guess a grade – visuals alone do not always tell a true or full story. I will mention any defects or flaws no matter how small that I notice to be fair as possible to any interested collector – I am very fussy and my buyers have the right to be too. Every record I offer, whether it be a common or rare item deserves the same respect as far as I am concerned and will be treated the same - just because an item is rare does not always mean it’s good. I get just as much pleasure offering a relatively common record in stunning near mint condition as the real rare items. All the pictures I use for your guidance are the item being offered with no digital enhancements. Room light factors can make things vary sometimes, that is hard to control, especially in winter. If any picture I take looks more flattering than the actual item for any reason, I will clearly state the fact in the advert and vice-versa. I hope the item below is to your liking – any questions can be emailed and I will do my very best to answer you. I am enthusiastic, and have a fair degree of knowledge about many genres and I promise quality items. Please assume all records I offer have NO jumps, sticks, warps or writing on covers or labels unless clearly stated to the contrary. Thanks for your interest and Good luck – MIKE.

Equipment Used for Play-Grading: I now play-grade ALL the records I offer (unless clearly stated to the contrary) on the following equipment:

Deck: Linn LP12/Hercules/Cirkus with Ittok Mk II arm and Ortofon Quintet Black moving coil cartridge (tracks at 2.2 grams). Amps: Naim Supernait 2 with Project USB phono stage and Tellerium Black interconnects. Speakers: B&W 805 Nautilus (bi-wired with Tellurium Black terminated cable) with REL subwoofer. All records I offer on Ebay are cleaned on a professional VPI-17 vacuum machine before play-grading for the cleanest and best possible sound and will include a brand new lined inner and protective cover too. Pictures taken with a Nikon D5000 SLR Digital Camera.


What You Get: To confirm to the strict Ebay rules on shipping, I must now send ALL my packets ‘Signed-For’ with NO exceptions. Both buyers and sellers want their packets to have a safer journey and this is not a bad thing.

I now offer the fastest possible posting, often the very next day after payment is received or within two to three days maximum (unless on holiday). I only use FIRST-CLASS Mail. The record’s cover will be placed within a BRAND NEW soft protective sleeve and the actual record will be professionally cleaned on my new VPI-17 Pro vacuum system to give ultimate clean grooves and playing surfaces and the best possible looks and ultimate sound quality. You will NOT get tired, dull looking, dust infested records inside worn and foggy covers with tatty inners from this seller and that’s a promise and guarantee. All records are posted in professional boxes (NOT Mailers, these do not offer any real protection). The record(s) are REMOVED from their main cover to avoid edge splits and placed within a brand new polylined inner. The record’s original inner will be included if available. The boxes are then reinforced with at least TWO, ULTRA THICK stiffeners for maximum extra protection – these are FOUR TIMES thicker than commercial stiffeners and are custom-made for oneadayrecords. Really rare and expensive albums will even be Double Boxed if deemed necessary and possible. When larger boxes are used, the thick record and stiffener ‘sandwich’ is then thickly embedded into bubble-wrap to bulk out the record inside the box to centre the item inside to reduce the risk of damage still further. Printed address labels are used for clarity as well as a sender label. Customers requests or special needs for P&P will be respected if at all possible but ‘Signed-For’ posting is NOT an option anymore. I do not profit on posting, better quality packaging costs, I offer probably the best-value and safest shipping possible for ultimate confidence. The boxes and ultra thick double-wall stiffeners make a near impregnable fortress for safe shipping and this is used inland and overseas for ALL my records, not just the rare and expensive. I will invoice any winning bidder as soon as possible after the auction ends. My ‘loss’ or ‘damage rate’ is minuscule in over 17­ years of Ebay trading and I consider that pretty exceptional. The only damage rate acceptable for this seller is ZERO and I think my packets will offer just that. It would take a vicious postman or postal service to damage these for sure. Oneadayrecords is a MAILER-FREE ZONE. I discount of course for multiple purchases with a maximum of FIVE records per box (one double can sometimes be included subject to total weight). All postage costs are below and at the top of the listing.

NOTE: First Time Bidders: Please ask me first.

PLEASE NOTE: I now exercise my right to open a dispute after the Ebay rule of TWO days if no payment is received. I will then cancel the dispute to end the bid, again after the mandatory FOUR days and then offer the item to the runner-up or relist. The non-payer will also be blocked from my Ebay site as will any suspicious bids or bid withdrawals. Small businesses need prompt payment to trade and these strict rules WILL be applied.


Posting & Packing: UK & CHANNEL ISLANDS all now sent via Recorded Delivery:

1 LP (FIRST-CLASS Recorded Delivery with Standard Royal Mail Insurance) [Signed For] = £4.75

1 LP (Special Delivery with Standard £500 Maximum Insurance) [Signed For, Next Day] = £7.50. (this includes insurance of £500). Add £1 per extra LP.

Posting & Packing: EUROPE & SCANDINAVIA. (Airmail Only):

1 LP (Small Packet ‘Signed For’ with Standard Royal Mail Insurance [£50 maximum]) = £12.50 (enhanced Royal Mail insurance is an optional extra £3). Add £2 per extra LP.

Posting & Packing: ALL OVERSEAS (non-European) e.g. USA (ANY PART OF); South America; New Zealand; Australia; Canada; Japan and other Far East; (Airmail Only: I NEVER use Surface Mail):

1 LP (Small Packet ‘Signed For’ with Standard Royal Mail Insurance [£50 maximum]) = £16.50 (£17.50 for double sets). Add £3 per extra LP. (enhanced Royal Mail insurance is an optional extra £3)

Payment Conditions:

I prefer PayPal or cheque from UK winning bidders. I can accept PayPal from overseas bidders or direct payment into my bank account.

Potential Bidders: I will cancel any bids I feel are time-wasters. A maximum 3 days for communication and 7 days for payment to arrive - if not I will relist the item or offer to the runner-up. Fast deals get great feedback from me. Any questions - please ask and thanks for looking.

My Guarantee: If any winning bidder is not satisfied with their purchase I will offer a complete refund. I will not refund if any defect detail is clearly stated on the advert and missed by the buyer, so read the item description carefully. If any overseas collector does not understand anything in my listing, please email and ask me to help. Thank You.


My Use of Description Terminology: Surface Marks = Superficial, usually light marks, hairlines or light scuffs that rarely sound. Scratch = a needle mark that goes below the record’s surface, some will sound, some will not, my play-grade will inform. Original = a record that has been pressed with the first label design which does NOT necessarily mean a very first pressed record. First Pressing = A record that I believe or know to be a genuine very first pressed record. I do not claim to always know for sure, and that’s why I state the stamper and matrix numbers if at all possible, for those who claim to know what they all mean, the information is there for the collector to decide. I prefer to use terms like ‘Early Copy’ rather than ‘First Pressing’ if I am not totally sure. Surface Sound = Mild, light sound, usually light crackle or similar. Distortion = Break up of the actual sound caused by groove wear or damage from a chipped stylus – the most undesirable form of unwanted sound, vintage mono records were the most prone to this happening but not exclusively so. The symptoms of distortion are high frequency clipping, moderate constant crackle or an echo type sound quality. Violin, piano and vocals are most prone to groove-wear distortion. Feathering = Fraying or softening of the entry edge of a cover. Covers with feathered entrance edges are more likely to have had the actual record inserted and removed more than a non-feathered, sharp-edged cover which are always far more attractive. Set Off, actually a printer’s term for dark ink leaving mild residue on pale or white ink when rested upon. e.g. when a gatefold cover has black ink closed against white, this can leave some black residue on the pale area – this is mostly unavoidable or course.

The Argument for Vinyl Original sound and mix (mono mixes are rarely available on CD), high quality sound on clean copies (played on a hi-end dedicated analogue system – breathtaking sound!), beautiful, large format covers, artwork, inserts and even full size posters etc; huge investment potential, and the pleasure of owning ‘the real thing’.

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