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 DescriptionTHE YOU KNOW WHO GROUP 1st Album 1964 UK Merseybeat Psych Pop LP BEATLES BOB GALLO  
WebVinyl.Com Presents!
The "You Know Who" Group
"First Album" International Allied Records 1964 Fake Beatles Merseybeat Garage Psych Pop LP!
The "You Know Who" Group - "First Album" International Allied Records 1A420 (MONO) from 1964 or 1965. Hard To Find Mono Vinyl version of this relic of Beatlemania - "The Boys With That Great New English Sound"! While no one is really sure who was in the group - see the two stories below - what is known is that during the height of Beatlemania, New York producer Bob Gallo wanted a piece of the Beatle action, so he released several 45s as well as this LP (on which four musicians appear on the cover sporting Zorro masks) under the name The "You Know Who" Group! You were supposed to surmise that the band's conundrum of a moniker pointed to a certain Merseybeat combo traveling incognito. At least one of the singles included here "Roses Are Red My Love" actually became at least a minor hit so it seems that the ruse worked! Here are two versions of the group's story:

..."The twist is that The "You Know Who" Group! WAS in fact a certain Liverpool beat band famous for its later releases on Apple Records: The Undertakers! The Undertakers were a Merseyside group that relocated stateside in 1965, and whom Gallo employed to record several "You Know Who" Group! sessions. To further connect Fake Fabs to Actual Beatles, The Undertakers lead singer Jackie Lomax was one of the first signings on Apple, recording the George Harrison composition "Sour Milk Sea" and the LP Is This What You Want? on the Beatles' imprint in 1968.

So does that mean that Jackie Lomax is on this LP? Don't know! Here is Bob Gallo's version of what happened via "Mr. Music" Jerry Osborne:

"The You Know Who Group were not British at all. Chances are none of them ever set foot in England. However, they were not a happenstance gathering of studio musicians. They were a real self-contained garage band and they played all their own instruments.
From their home base in Brooklyn, they came to my Manhattan studio, Talent Masters, wanting to record two original songs: "Roses Are Red My Love" and "Playboy." Both were written by Robert Esposito, their leader and also their lead singer. Other than Esposito, I don't recall the names of any of the other "Boys with That Great New English Sound." Now, nearly 50 years after their LP came out, it can also be told that the four guys on the front cover, wearing capes and masks, are indeed the same band that's singing and playing on the record! Pictured third from the left is Robert Esposito.
As for my musical contribution, I think I played some guitar, and possibly piano, which I overdubbed after the session. Contrary to frequently published reports, this was not a studio band. Other than myself, no outside musicians were involved.
These boys probably had a group name when they arrived at Talent Masters, but I doubt I ever knew it. My partner, Bob Harvey, came up with the idea of having them try to sound British. He also named them the You Know Who Group, and dreamed up the whole secret identity stunt, complete with masks and capes. Esposito and the guys were not very happy about Bob's brainstorm, but they went along with it on the chance it would create more publicity if people thought they might be the Beatles, for example, singing under another name. Like the 4 Seasons did as the Wonder Who?"

So what's the true story? Who knows. But if you think that these unknowns had no influence, check out the pic of The Phantom Surfers' 1991 debut LP below!

In nice condition! The cover shows some very slight basic ring and edge wear, some slight softening of a couple corners and the start (about 1/4") of a seam split in the upper right corner. Still super clean and solid but would still rate a VG+! Please note - any marks, streaks or blotches that you may see which are not mentioned in the write up (like those in the upper right corner of the cover) are scanner artifacts, not defects in the record cover... I will list any actual defects! The Vinyl itself is super nice! You can spot a few slight scuffs if you really look close (and have good eyes...) but, judging by the overall clean condition of the vinyl and the fact that there are only a couple little spindle trails on the label, I'd say that this album has never been played much! Should easily rate a strong VG+ if not better! The labels have a couple barely visible spindle trails as mentioned above but are otherwise Near Mint!

Song List

  • 1. Hey You And The Wind And The Rain
  • 2. It's A Funny Thing (That Money Can Do)
  • 3. Autumn Leaves
  • 4. It Was Only Yesterday
  • 5. How Can She Live Without Me
  • 6. Roses Are Red My Love
  • 7. Blue Is The Night
  • 8. Reelin And Rockin
  • 9. Red River Valley
  • 10. This Day Love
  • 11. Tell Me
  • 12. Alberta

Records are graded to the best of my ability to Goldmine Visual standards. If you are not familiar with this grading system (or even if you think you are!), please check it out before bidding I have summarized the important (i.e. I think everyone knows what Mint means) points below in Goldmine's words:

Very Good Plus (VG+): Record surfaces may show some slight signs of wear and may have slight scuffs or very light scratches that don't affect one's listening experience. Slight warps that do not affect the sound are OK.

Very Good (VG): Surface noise will be evident upon playing,... Groove wear will start to be noticeable, as will light scratches (deep enough to feel with a fingernail) that will affect the sound.

I stand by my grades but would like us to be on the same page so no problems arise. I have been selling Vintage Vinyl for over eleven years on the net and I can count the returns I've had on one hand so I believe my grading is fair and accurate. One important note, I try to grade to these Goldmine guides as best as I can understand and apply them. This gives us both a written standard to go by rather than having to guess. But.... it also means that I don't issue refunds over differences of opinion in grading i.e. "That's not MY idea of a VG record!" - I don't know what your standards are and, as such, can't grade to them. I guarantee that items I sell will meet my description, nothing more or less! If you are not satisfied that a purchase meets my description, I will do what I can to make it right if you give me the chance and work with me! Please feel free to check my feedback.

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Thanks and happy bidding!

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