T Swift & The Electric Bag Lp Psych Sealed Guitar Fuzz

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T Swift & The Electric Bag Lp Psych Sealed Guitar Fuzz

CUSTOM RECORDS. (cover shows sun glare, the line which appears to be coming out of the model's nose in the photo is a reflection, does not appear on the actual cover)  STILL SEALED ORIGINAL PRESSING.  STEREO, 1115, this is T. SWIFT & THE ELECTRIC BAG - ARE YOU EXPERIENCED. T. Swift & the Electric Bag  Considered one of the Best Guitar Albums in Psych. Shipping in the US $3.95 only .25 cents for each additional item. Priority is $8.00 up to 2 Lps.

  • Genre: Rock
  • Active: '60s


T.Swift & the Electric Bag is yet another one of those psychedelic-era mysteries that has left barely a clue as to its true identity. The group's sole album doesn't contain any sort of playing credits, nor does it even own a precise release date, although it is a matter of public record that the LP originally appeared on Custom Records. Some sources list it as a product of the Summer of Love, but internal sources (and cooler heads) tend to place its appearance more realistically as sometime in the spring of 1968, which would have been a logical time frame corresponding with the cover of the Jimi Hendrix Experience's title song, as well as the less-than-subtle "interpolations" from the Box Tops and Classics IV that appear on the album. The more hopeful psychedelic devotees point to a conceivable connection with a band called Tom Swift & the Electric Grandmothers, who released a 45 on Sound Tex out of Houston in 1964. That connection is tenuous, at best, and not really even that. As none of the guilty parties has come forward in the decades since the album was initially recorded, it seems more likely that it is a product of cynical marketing rather than a product of genuine artistic exploration. Whatever the case, T.Swift is shrouded in a far-out haze that, at this point, is unlikely to lift. ~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide

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Are You Experienced?, T. Swift & The Electric Bag

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T. Swift & The Electric Bag – Are You Experienced. (Custom 1968?/Gear Fab 2001) Like any other pop culture trend, the psychedelic rock era was subject to exploitation. In the late 60s, loads of exploito psych albums were recorded and released in an attempt to cash in on the psychedelic fad. The quality of much of this exploito psych is expectedly mediocre, but among the dreck remain a few interesting period pieces. For instance, the release of The Deep’s 1966 album Psychedelic Moods: A Mind Expanding Phenomena marked one of the first times the word “psychedelic” was applied to recorded music, and the directives on the back cover to “take a trip” and “blow your mind” were pretty revolutionary in the pre-Surrealistic Pillow era, as was the bizarre, free-form music contained between the grooves. Although obviously not as groundbreaking as the Deep’s album, this album, by T. Swift & The Electric Bag, is also an interesting sample of exploito psych. Because no credits were listed on the original Custom album, the identity of the band remains largely a mystery, although some have suggested links to the Texas group Tom Swift and the Electric Grandmothers, who released a single a few years prior to the release of this album. Equally possible, however, is that Are You Experienced was in fact recorded by a faceless group of studio musicians, as was standard procedure for most exploitation albums of the day. The album starts off with the title track, a Jimi Hendrix cover featuring some clangy guitar and backward tape effects, although the song’s guitar freakout solo sounds more like an audition for a garage band than a Hendrix performance. The other two vocal tracks on this predominantly instrumental album are “As I Grow into a Man,” a decent folk-rock tune, and “Take It Easy Baby,” a soulfully-delivered number which borrows heavily from The Classics IV’s “Spooky.” Similar plagiarism is evident in the instrumental “A Jet,” a patently obvious rip-off of The Box Tops’ trademark hit “The Letter.” Two of the other instrumentals on the album, “The Stinger” and “The Strut,” seem rather “unpsychedelic” and feel somewhat out of place on the album. “The Stinger” sounds almost like it was a leftover from an exploito surf album, and “The Strut” is an R&B instrumental that makes the listener wonder if Booker T. and T. Swift had more in common than just an initial. Some of the other instrumentals are better, however. “Red Eyes” and “What’s Your Bag” feature some nice guitar playing at times, and “Free Form in 6” includes some fine raga rock guitar leads and menacing organ work. And for the album’s closing track, “Expo in Sound,” the group layers guitar feedback, organ, and other sound effects overtop an unaffected drum backbeat. As a whole, Are You Experienced is neither exceptional nor compulsory listening, but there’s a certain naïve charm about it that can transcend its roughness at times. It’s certainly worth a spin. Back to I Like the Way You Freakout
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